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Is it considered gossiping if you just say something that a person did. Saying it not in a bad way. Just general. Like this happened today and this person did this it was hilarious.


  • Depends on the context of the situation, its always best to refrain from talking about others behind their backs, because you might tell the story and then the person you told it to goes and says it with their own twist, then its just become gossip, you might not have started it as gossip but you were the source so it could be just as bad. Just think of it like this, if you would mind people to be talking about you the way you are talking about them, then go ahead. If not, then don't.
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    I agree with you about it becoming gossip because of its own twist..
  • Reading comment of jydeacon,
    obvious that you have spiritual children of
    St. Makarios the Great, Anthony the Great, Kiril,
    and others.
    Such advice can be found and in the books of the Holy Fathers.
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