Does anyone have audio for these Pope Shenouda songs?

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ya sadeeqy lasto adry ma ana ----يا صديقي لست أدري ما أنا
ballalto ferashy be domo3y ----بلَّلت فراشي بدموعي
Kayfa ansa-----كيف أنسى؟
abowab al gaheem-----أبواب الجحيم
Hazahey el karma-----هذه الكرمة
Ana fel bayday wahdy---------أنا في البيداء وحدي
قم حطم الشيطان لا

Thanks for your help..


  • yeah, I have kayfa ansa and ana fel baydaa2 wa7di
    send me your e-mail and I'll send them to you

    God Bless
  • I sent you my email. I will be waiting.
  • I have got a couple too on my computer, i got 1 or 2 from the ones u are looking for and also a couple of other ones too.....  please send me you e-mail and i will sedn them to whoever wants them.
  • i was just wondering, he wrote them?

  • yes, i beleive H.H. wrote them some while He was still a monk in the desert and some quite recently. I know H.H. wrote a very recent one while in the Hospital for the last couple of months....
  • o.O okay thanks  ;D wasn't sure=)

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