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isn't the world today exactly like at the time of Noah . we r in such a bad time and even it could be the ned of the world
tamav ereny when she went to heaven the first time she saw Christ come closer to earth
the end is deffinitely near


  • hey anbaabraam :) until now i cant get the idea of 'the end of the world' .. its still stuck in my head that every single person of us has his own 'end of the world' .. so why bother!!! i remember there was a time where i was 'attempting' to read Revelation and it completely freaked me out.. and couldnt stop worrying about it.. and in case ur worrying about that then dunt. coz u never kno the end of the world can be next week but YOUR end of YOUR world can be 2moro...
    but i definitety agree with you.. the world today is like the world of Noah.... therez always good and evil in the world and it does seem like the bad is taking over...but the thing is u just dunt kno exactly when the flood is coming.. so be smart and always be prepared..
  • To add on what you said trinity+....we should NOT be scared of the end of the world or even our own end a.k.a our death....look at the martyrs they are KEY examples to us look how much their love was for God they did not think twice about disobeying Gods do you think that they could take allll that torture and not be scared...1st their love for christ and 2nd Jesus said himself that he would send the comforter, the Holy Spirit when we are baptized you all know that we recieve the the holy the holy spirit comforts the Martyrs to endure all the tortures and it also helps us endure and every little thing

    Correct me if i am wrong
    Pray for me

    If you really want to see people's opinions, read this very long topic lol.

  • i think that the anti-christ is not hear yet we're MAYBE close to it but when the end starts like the things we are dealing now in the world will be 10x worse

    Pray for me
  • but as copticdeacon has mentioned nefore, no matter how bad it gets and no matter how much worse it wil be, therez no need to worry!!! it'll all be fine.. in fact get excited for it ;)
  • That's true, but when it comes, its going to mess a lot of people up. I feel sorry for the people on the wrong side when it finally arrives. I think anbaaraam has good point about our world and the time of Noah. The world is moving at a slow and steady pace straight into depravity. We are returning to an almost Biblical level of corruption. I mean if you examine the way the world and our culture has changed from century to century, the work of the Devil is so plainly obvious its a wonder more people don't notice.

    The scary thing is, we've still got a long way to go before it gets REALLY bad. Jesus talks about the love of men growing cold and all sorts of other horrible things, but I still have too much faith in people to think that we've reached that stage yet. There's still good in the world, but its shrinking at an alarming rate.

    Pray for me :)
  • Nobody knows when teh end of teh world is.....

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