Antoun Ayad

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Hey everyone i was wondering if anyone has any Hymns or Taraneem of Antoun Ayad when he is older NOT when he was young

Thanks Pray for me


  • sryy idk but i was jw is he a cantor?

  • Antoun Ibrahim Ayad is Moa3llem ibrahim ayad's son...uuumm im not sure if he is i think that we went to clerical college in Egypt and im NOT 100% if he goes around teaching like his dad
  • o.O really thats his son's name?? lol kewl thanks i didnt noe that=)
    o okaay thanksss
  • here is antoun singing e aghapy

    hope it helps
  • My comment and appeals that I wrote, published,
    in one other topic:

    I like to hear hymn Saint  Mina Copt.
    My nephew has got name by him.

    One brother to this forum by the name ofcoptic pharaoh was in doubt:
    I have never seen that Icon of Saint Mina before... is that the same Saint Mina we are talking about?

    hi, coptic pharaoh!
    this is the Mina Copt, present it to the SPC the icon as monk, anahoreta.
    Such icons here and here:

  • I am interested in how sounds Hymn Saint Mina,
    in a way which is Coptic cantillation,
    to feel to hear how it sounds Hymn
    Local Church
    from which encourages this Saint.

  • Do you have a link to the anthem of Saint Mina?
    I was wondering if anyone has any Hymns  about Saint Mina.
  • [quote author=Serb link=topic=7175.msg96186#msg96186 date=1224777581]
    Do you have a link to the anthem of Saint Mina?
    I was wondering if anyone has any Hymns  about Saint Mina.

    st Mina doesn't have a specific "Anthem" our church hymnology heritage doesn't work that way.

    he have many songs/chants that are sung by many.....just not in liturgical services. For liturgical services there are special hymns for every saint and martyrs to be said on their feasts.

    a saint is witnessed for by his past and his miracle....not hymns..
  • Little me feel confused, I do not understand.
    Why such a response?

    And so it is in our Eastern Orthodox Church.
    I say ,,hymns" but in a sense ecclesiastical verses song.
    I ask for ecclesiastical song verses that talk about Saint Mines.

    Has verses songs ecclesiastical 
    for every Saint,
    a saint is witnessed for by his past and future in  eshaton God empire.

    I would now like to hear Coptic ecclesiastical song that talk about Saint Mines.
  • You will not find any hymns specifically for a saint online, you will have to visit a church on his/her feast hear the general hymns chanted and the saints name put into it or the Tamgeed(glorification) for the saint then.
  • ок  :)
  • Dear Serb,

    You will find the Coptic audio of the liturgical doxology to St Mina here:
    Scroll down till you find "Doxology for Saint Mena"

    You will find the english translation of this ancient doxology here:

    Hope this helps.
  • Yes, I'm asked for this to.

    Iqbal, thanks.

    I see the icon Sisoj Egyptian and Makarios Egyptian on the wall in my room,
    and as to hear their cantillation,
    because they had the same cantillation such a way.

    Cantillation strange, but nicely!
  • here are some sites that might be helpful

    for saint MENA

    For Antoun AYAD
    this site has a cd of him (but i believe it was when he was young

    God Bless
  • here is the link i have been searching and searching and here it is
  • Just saying, Anton must've had the meanest voice change during puberty. His voice was so high as a kid and now his voice is completely different. Well it's not weird considering CIA had a high voice if you listen to old liturgies that he was in, and now has a beautiful deep voice. This was so random, I guess surfing at 12:00 am when you're running on only a few hours of sleep and have to get up in a few hours gets to you.
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