be patient or quit?

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so, i'm having this problem... there's something i've been working at for a while now, i've been trying to get good at it, and i feel like i've been doing my share of work and i have been asking God to help me ...but i'm still terrible at it...and i'm not realyl making any progress.
Is this God's way of telling me to just quit and do something else...or is this his way of telling me that i;m not trying hard enough?? :///
again, i do feel like i've been giving it my all....and i really don't know if i;m wasting my time trying, or if i should work even harder and keep at it....


  • well it depends on what it is? but if its worth it and you know its and ur FOC agreed on it, then i think God is waiting for the right time to grant it to you=) i hope this helped a bit: but be patient!!! =)

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