The Coptic Church

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Hey Guys,

Since this website was made, many non-Coptic members have joined and my question is, what do you think of Coptic Orthodoxy?



  • i say that its not an easy religion to follow; but its rewards r worth the strife.
  • I think it is easy, in fact I think it is extremely straight-forward, no wiggling or so. Coptic Orthodoxy is the best ever...

    God Bless His Bride the Church....

  • I think it's great!God bless you all!

  • Its beautiful and truly Orthodox! I am Eastern Orthodox and i love my Coptic brethen! I am a regular here in this site and have Coptic friends and attended Coptic services and have read books by HH Pope Shenouda and Abouna Matta El Meskeen. I pray so intensely everyday for our mutual Churches to become ONE again becuase it would give glory to God and proclaim the Gospel thru out the world! We ARE a family! This is just a little of what I think and fell about the Coptic Church! ;D ;D ;D
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