A Pope Married!

Hello everyone,

This is mainly directed to those who have indepth knowledge of the Saints of the Coptic Orthodox Church. I was reading the "Coptic Orthodox Book of Saints" and I remember crossing over a pope who was actually married! I was wondering if you had the name of this saint. He did not actually perform sexual actions with his wife and proved it by placing coal on her dress at church!

If someone could please get back to me with the name of the Saint as I no longer have the book, it would be greatly appreciated!


  • His name was St. Demetrius and they name him, the Vinedresser

    Coptic Youth
  • ya he is right it is demetrious the vine dresser
    before he  became a pope the pope before him had a vision saying a man with a basket of grapes will come to u and he shall be the next pope
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