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Im trying to have a collection of different songs. I already know most of the ones I have. So I want to learn more. Even hymns. SO.......

  • [li]What is your favorite song or hymn?[/li]
    [li]Can you post a link for it?[/li]
I hope everyone can participate.
Thank you


  • Well Obviously you are on the best site to download hymns and I love all of them so no reason to post a link.
  • Ok I agree with you.I LOVE TASBEHA no joke :)
    I know this website also has songs. So how about your favorite song and just dont put a link.
    One of the reasons for this is because all my songs got deleted I dont know where i got most of them.

  • Well i don't really have many songs, but for hymns its pretty orgainized based on season of church.
    One of my favorite however is Pekethronos
  • my favorite is shere maria after the gospel during the midnight praises
  • songs: ya adra ya omyyy, amen amen come, o seeker, my lord precious jesus, our god is an awesome god, toobek fefad, the solid rock, surrender , of all nations, i was blind, sity ya adra, in teh cross, sheperd of my soul, you re the words to the music, alot more....

    tasbeha: st mary psali(ainahte), 4th hoos, tehoi enhikanos, aripsalin, and all of itt

    hymns: tenen, tovh hina, omogenies, pekethronos, ethve ti anastasi, a lott moree

  • tenen is greats
  • thats kool. See I havent heard of I was blind and you re the words to the music
    I really enjoy singing most of the hymns.
  • My favorite songs are ..........

    everything by lifehouse
    Who am i  by Casting crowns
    East to west by casting crowns
    set me free by casting crowns
    My savior loves my savior lives by casting crowns
    Praise you in this storm by casting crowns
    More by Matthew west
    Joseph's lullaby by mercyme
    I can only imagine by casting crowns
    give it all away by Aron shust

    My favorite hymns are aikoti and eporo (the long one)
  • I LOVE Who am I  and,  I Can only imagine :)
  • My advice to you, a person who is willing to learn more hymns, is to always dress as a deacon and attend all your services, including tasbeha. There is also an extremely valuable website that teaches you hymns for all occasions. Basically someone is teaching a group of people a hymn and they record it so others can learn along online. This is how i learned all the real difficult hymns and rare ones and i love it! Here is the site:
    Just pick an occasion and learn!

  • Thanks for the information.
    I am a girl not a deacon never will be but sometimes I wish to be one. I love that website. I learned most of my hymns from there. It really helped.
  • [quote author=Loca4Christ link=topic=7064.msg94983#msg94983 date=1222977488]
    I LOVE Who am I  and,  I Can only imagine :)

  • I never heard of that one..interesting =)

  • [quote author=mahraeel link=topic=7064.msg95969#msg95969 date=1224540518]
    I never heard of that one..interesting =)


      ( this is.................... who am i)

      ( this is................ East to west)
  • thanksss=) see if my priest heard that he would flip=/ lol

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