2nd Survey

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this is the 2nd survey.


  • how many orthodox schools are there...i noe bishop david opened one in kearny..but it only goes up to eight grade...i think it would be amazing if there was a orthodox highschool...that way u could learn about God even more.. :) :)
  • You are lucky you even have one Coptic school, I wish we did. However I think, God Willing, one day we will.

    God Bless.

  • why were do u live??? and i think we should have some...they would make a big difference in our lives!! :) :) :)imagine a priest being our teacher...how GREAT would that be!!! ;D ;D ;D
  • well I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada- we have one small Church, one newly ordained blessed intelligent Priest (God keep him to us decades and decades) and a few Bishop visits that usually last from 1 - 4 days. In Egypt however I used to go to a school where a Priest taught me Religion and I was too young to appreciate that.... I could've asked him for a Mass, hymn classes and everything but I was just too young.....but he was a nice Priest and a funny one too, except that he would usually sleep in Religion class while we're doing assignmnets and he was so nice that he would see me cheating and say: "Please stop looking at Botros' paper Michael" and that was all, but hey, who cheats in RELIGION class?!?!?! What a kid I was ::) and sadly still am, sadly I don't even remember his name, but wherever he is God bless him greatly.

  • That's sad, just a question....is your dad a Priest?

  • When did he depart? and by the way I have a question, if your dad is a deacon then how did he help the Priest in the Mass?

  • It saddens me that everyday of my life that passes, I usually regret that I did not do much in it....I hope later on in life that will change, May God repose his soul in the Paradise of Joy.
  • hello,
    im from Australia and we have HEAPS of Catholic skools, obviously coz the country is catholic...

    some experiences id like to mention about the Catholic Masses, the whole skool masses:
    1. its about 1hr long
    2. they sing songs (which they call hymns)...today i went to one and they sang 'permission to shine' which is NOT a christian song at all!!
    3. they have NO TRADITION!!
    4. it wasnt in a church, but a hall, they didnt hang up a cross or anything....guess what?...they put a snoopy toy...!!!...and no cross or any sign of christianity!!

    thats enough experiences!!
    im not comparing our church with thiers, this is my experiences and the reason y i really dont ever ever enjoy it...

    GBU ;)
  • Wow, well in the Church I know, there is a Cross yet what annoys me is that they put flags in the Altar and sing O Canada, and I think that politics has nothing to do with Christianity or in other words [b][should/b] not have anything to do with Christianity. There's this verse that I think might be supporting my thoughts : "Give what is of ceaser to ceaser and what is God's to God" (of course that's not what it says exactly but pretty close)

  • hi,
    I go to a catholic school and I think the Masses are not as fun as the ones in our Church. I especially hate there are no hymns can you believe it?
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