The Hermit Fathers

edited August 2008 in Coptic Orthodox Church
By: Fr Samaan El Souriany

St Shenouda Monastery, with the Kind permission of the translators and after a long time being out of print, has reprinted “The Hermit Fathers”. If you are interested in buying copies for your bookshop or youth group please email us [email][email protected][/email]. An excerpt which is made out of, The Table of contents, and the lives of two of those great saints can be seen here as PDF.

The Hermit Fathers is an account of the virtuous asceticism and admirable ways of life of the holy and blessed wilderness fathers. They are meant to inspire and instruct those who want to imitate their heavenly lives, so that they may make progress on the way that leads to the kingdom of heaven. The holy fathers who were the initiators and masters of the blessed monastic way of life, being entirely on fire with divine and heavenly love and counting as nothing at all that men hold to be beautiful and estimable, trained themselves on earth to do nothing whatsoever out of vainglory. They hid themselves away, and by their supreme humility in keeping most of their good works hidden, they made progress on the way that leads to God. Moreover, no one has been able to describe their virtuous lives for us in detail, for those who have taken the greatest pains in this matter have only committed to writing a few fragments of their more admirable deeds and words.  In this book you will find twenty eight examples of the lives of those Holy men and women which are sweeter than honey and honeycomb.

The price of the book is

1-49 Copies AUD $ 8.00 Each + Shipping
50 and over AUD $ 6.00 Each + Shipping
             Title: The Hermit Fathers
         Author: Fr Samaan El Souriany
        Binding: Perfect Bound
     Trim Size: 215mm x 140 mm
No of Pages: 192 Pages
         Weight: 250 g


  • Hello!

    Could anyone tell me who is Saint Pigimy the anchorite?
    Is he Pachomius the Great? Or Saint Bishoy?
    Or is he another saint?

    Thank you.
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