Prayer request: Exam barriers

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I ask for your intercessions as I do my barrier exams for medicine (=OSMLE Step 1, I think).

God bless.


  • of course!
    Good Luck with your exams and May our Lord Jesus Christ be with you throughout your studies  :)

    God Bless and Take Care
  • May god support you iin your exams.

    I ask for your intercessions

    I only can pray and ask the saints to intercede for u.

    Pray for my wekaness,

    Abanob Saad
  • clay, I am assuming it’s mcq exam if you are referring to USMLE step I, here are few suggestions:

    1. Start by reading what they were asking at the end of the question for example: what is the most likely diagnosis? Or which of the following XXX would be XXX … etc if you know the topic for the question then glance the answers then read the whole question and search for a clue to the answer.
    2. The longest answer is most likely the right one.
    3. If you have two contradicting answers, the right answer is one of them.
    4. Work by elimination for example if you eliminate three answers out of five you have 50% chance of getting the right answer.
    5. Don’t waste your time on questions you have no idea what they are talking about and what the topic is, just pick (b)
    6. Don’t leave a blank answer.
    7. Finally pace your time.

    Good luck
  • Haha...that got me through highschool. No- this is not MCQ. It is a mixture of MCQ and short answers.
  • [move]GOOD LUCK MAY THE LORRD BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!![/move]

    plzzz p4m sister in Christ
  • God be with you

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