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I have a question why are the psalms in a tune? When do we use them?  What is the purpose of them in a tune?



  • a psalm is a hymn...."Taratil"........... they are prasing GOD........  Anba Karas 'el sa'eh said tha His own words were not enough to pray to God, so He used the Psalms.....  so why shouldn't they be in a tune?....  (do u mean a tune in church (Mass) , or as in a Hymn that u listen to??)
  • No not a tune in church. I know we have a lot of hymns in church from the psalms.

    Like when you are praying in the agpeya. If you listen to any psalm in music on the internet. What is the purpose of them? When we are praying is it preferred to say the psalms in a tune form?
  • i dunno.... but i think you might get somewhat"bored" of it if it wasn't with a tune, and you wouldn't "enjoy" it as much as you would when it has a tune?
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