Worship of miracles..

I love the strong faith which many copts have and had in the past, strong enough to move mountains, and it still shows today in the many miracles that occur..
There are many miracle books which tell stories of miraculous healings and people being saved from terrible situations etc. This brings me to the topic: Many people are starting to demand a miracle to happen, I even heard about sick people refusing to go to a doctor because they want to be healed by a miracle without any medical intervention.
I recently heard a sermon by a priest at my church and he was adressing this issue, warning people not to count on miracles.

I mean it's nice to have faith, but who are we to tell God how we want our problems to be solved? I just thought of this because apparently it's more and more occuring nowadays..
I mean St. Augustine himself said work as if everything depended on you, God gave us brains for a reason..
If anyone has any comments on this..

God Bless
Please pray for me


  • Do not Test the LORD your GOD.      do not sit at home while you are sick, and say: i won't see a doctor becauase GOd will heal me.... of course God will heal you, butt you still have to go see a doctor and all these people.... don't be like: if God loves me than He will heal me without me going to see a doctor....God can survive without us, but we can't survive without Him....

    do you get what i am trying to say?  please correct me if i am wrong, and sorry if i have offended anyone.
  • okay to add to coptic pharaoh... the church does not expel medicine from her... but rather likes to absorb it... there are many Coptics who are doctors... are they gonna go to hell?! did God not help them to obtain the degree to help his children?! let us not forget saint Luke also... he was an artist... and a doctor... so Christ picked a doctor to be his follower... and also many of the miracles are made through medicine... and God does miracles for the glorification of his name, so lets say I have whatever disease, and i just stay home not doing anything... and God through His plan heals me... and nobody knows about it, what good does that do?! there are cases in which this happens.. but it usually is setting up for a bigger plan!

    from dictionary.com here is the meaning of miracle:

    1. an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.
    2. such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God.
    3. a wonder; marvel.

    so the miracle is not God literally coming down and healing you... but rather God's outcome of the situation! (on most cases except if its a part of His plan!)

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