In thy presence

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ok.. i jsut recently had a sunday school lesson and our teacher read as an exerpt from a book called "in thy presence"... i automtically loved it and asked a friend if i could borrow it to read... i was jsut wondewring if anybody else ahs ever read it.. its such a great book and i jsut wanted to share the beautiful effects of it... if u ever get a chance to read it....please do... and if anyone else whos rewad it would liek to share thier feelings-GO AHEAD!!!! lol


  • I bought a copy for my brother as a present, I've heard its very nice too...

    God bless,

  • hey there
    i've read the book, it's intensely deep and absoloutely amazing. make sure you read it when you're ready however, maybe under the guidance of your father of confession, and read it again as you get older. eat up every bit of it. it changed my spiritual life.
    God bless!
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