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we went to NY and some stores sell fake coach bags... anyway it is illegal for them to sell it. Would it be wrong if i buy one.


  • Well, it would be against the law of the land, and the Church teaches us to follow the law, and so yes it would be wrong.

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  • what is a coach bag?              and why is it illegal for them to sell it???
  • if you question if its a sin... than don't do it!
  • coach is the brand of the bag. It is really expensive to buy an original one; therefore, some people in NY make bags that look exactly the same as the real ones and sell them for much cheaper price. It is illegal because the fake bags that they make have the exact same style as the real ones.
  • well... i would say it is up to you...
  • i sometimes think that it is wrong...but other times i find nothing wrong with it...i really don't know...can u please tell me what you think
  • Touchy issue...

    my first thought was that you're paying for a product that's available for legitimate sale. I'm guessing that the quality of the "fake" bag isn't as good as the original one? Then I suppose you're getting exactly what you pay for, so I wouldn't say that you're "stealing" from the manufacturers of the original bag.
    Some companies even obtain permission to produce cheaper versions of a certain product (for example, with cheaper materials). In other words, reproducing somebody else's design WITH THEIR PERMISSION. Maybe check to see if that's the case?

    That's just my take on the situation, I could be COMPLETELY wrong as usual. I guess at the end of the day if you feel what you're doing is wrong, then just don't do it I guess!


  • [quote author=coptic pharaoh link=topic=6786.msg91019#msg91019 date=1213814362]
    well... i would say it is up to you...

    its not up to you, it is illegal. it is up to you to choose to sin or not, but it is illegal and i believe H.H wrote about something close to this once, like the reproduction of a movie or illegal downloads or something like that, if the company makes it then it belongs to them, the design the logo, everything. it is illegal to copy it. it is a sin.
  • I think that it is illegal if you sell  it but i don't think that it is illegal to buy it.... since the person buying it had no part in making the bag.
  • no the person buying is contributing... its a fake product, thus the main company is not profiting... which is not good and is not fair... and whats up with all this "is it illegal or not" posts... c'mon... if you think its a sin don't do it... if it will make you grow spiritually... than don't sell the product... just watch it or try to buy it when and/or if you can... bas don't waste your time thinking about it too much... just do what you see is right!
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    I think that it is illegal if you sell  it but i don't think that it is illegal to buy it.... since the person buying it had no part in making the bag.

    Yes, but by buying the illegal product, you are in fact supporting their cause and funding this sort of thing to repeat itself...
  • unfortunately i brought the bag before I posted this question. I am really upset...what should i do...do i have to confess it...it's not like i stole it, i did pay for it. can i use the bag or would it be wrong....please let me know what you think...thanks
  • I truly don't know... ask your FoC - he'll give you a good answer.

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  • does anyone know any priest's email so that i could email him and ask...until i go to confession
  • if you have facebook... you can facebook abouna Bishoy... he's pretty cool!
  • wicj Abouna Bishoy?? there are lots... and what exactly is His nam on Facebook.?
  • search Fr.Pishoy Salama... he's anba David's brother!
  • [quote author=SuperMAN(BAM) link=topic=6786.msg91758#msg91758 date=1214591897]
    search Fr.Pishoy Salama... he's anba David's brother!

    He is awesome.!!!!!!!!
  • After you get your answer, I would like to know what he says. I have the belief that the person who makes it is doing something that is illegal, but not the buyer. You are getting what you pay for, nothing more or less. Furthermore, you are not encouraging them in any way because if you don't buy, I am positive that, in NY, somebody else definitely will.
  • hey, i think if you already bought it and cant stop thinking about it...why dont you give it away for poor people?...i think it is a good solution.
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