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In Genisis, why does God say that Cain will be avenged sevenfold??
He klled why would HE be avenged?
And then how does the whole Lamech being avenged 77 times fit in???
i know that's probably something i should know by now...but...
Also: do weeer find out what the mark on Cain is??? OR is it just a mark?

and lastly: when they say someone's age in the old testament...what system of....time are they going by? Because i did some counting and put some things together...
and i came up with 401 days is considered LEss thn 1 year....?


  • These are very good questions, According to abouna tadros in his commentary:
    Cain killed and did not know the law so for God to establish the commandants of not killing He said that whoever will kill anyone without the command of God will be punished sevenfold. Seven is the symbol of complete or perfectness which means that God will take complete measure of punishment for those who will commit murders.

    As for lamech he had children that were beautiful and strong but far away for God. Their names predict the type of work they will do when they grow up. So for tubal- Cain he was the manufacture of copper and iron who made weapons and gave them to lamech. His father with pride said verses 23 & 24 “which are the first poetic verses known as the song of sword to lamech". He said with pride that if God took avenge 7 folds then he will take 77 which means he will take a very strong and extreme avenge even stronger then that of God to those who will try to kill him. 

    I hope this helped.
    Plz pray for me
  • God issued the punitive sentence for Cain.  Cain replied that it was such it would lead to a revenge murder against him.  But God in his graciousness put his protective hand upon him, so that no one would dare murder him under penalty of a sevenfold punishment.

    Generations later, Lamech assumes too much for himself, bragging that he would outdo even God's vengeance.  Thus, he usurps God's justice for his own benefit.

    Probably no good answer about the length of time in the ancient calendar of Genesis.  Some have tried to make the numbers symbolic, but with little success.  I think Moses, when he incorporated the primeval source material, intended that one year equals about 365 days, more or less.
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