another new guy...

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Hi everyone, My name is John, I am from St Mary's and St Antonious church in Milwaukee.

Just wanted to say Hi, and that you have an amazing site here!! Hopefully it grows to be even bigger and better than it already is!


  • ur very WELCOME Johnny, its sad to see no body else welcomed u :(
    lol, but i had to mention it!!
    GBU ;)
    have a good tym on this site! :P ;D
  • Yeah, welcome John! :D It's great that you decided to join us, hopefully, it'll be as beneficial to you as it is to me. ;D I hope to hear from ya soon. :D
  • wellcome to this site john....hope u enjoy it ;)

  • Hi welcome to this site. We hope you everything good in life. May the Lord be with you. Pray for us.

  • HI! welcome 2 this Have FUN! ;D
  • hey ive noticed that usually the new person starts a thread and we all start commenting but the new guy never comes ....its like talkin to ourselves

  • Welcome ahooyah.... this is a very cool community. Thank you for the kudos. Feel free to share....Nuestra casa es tu casa (Our home is ur home- in Spanish).
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