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This question is a little odd ball, but I won't get an answer unless I ask. What are peoples' views on auditory and visual auras? I mean do you think that they are possed or are they just clervoyent?


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    to me auras are as horoscopes... its all theories, it explains maybe 60 percent of your generic characteristics... so lets look at it theoretically...  (1.) its an electric field... (2.) a person does expel electricity according to the mood... (1+2) the most good it will do you is tell you how you feel at the moment, nothing more nothing less!

    (3.) the colors that are used, are generic colors, with different meanings, they are used in many psychological analysis and also are used in hypnosis, and etc... these color are to make you feel a special way, and/or when are said by patient or person have special meaning... so if in hypnosis one color is mentioned more than the others, that might cause imbalance in a person... and have him/her suffer later on.... and when a person mentions colors during an analysis, the person performing the analysis will focus on the colors, for each color has a meaning to the human mind, your unconscious mind comprehends it in a special manner... and exerts it through some meaning! (4.) you have to be emoting the emotion or feeling, and posses it on your mind, so that you might exert that electric wave of such color... (theoretically) maybe there is a relevance to the electric waves being that color but...

    (1) + (2) + (3) + (4) = theoretically it will tell you how you feel at the moment! so now you tell me, what good is it if it will tell you your generic known feelings that you have at the moment?!

    no one, or anything will know who you really are, but yourself and God!

    Indeed He arose Himself!
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