Winner of the Poster of the Year...

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the most votes wins....
Very sorry i couldnt add any more ppl,i used the other thread;action=display;threadid=644;start=30

to choose who was the most mentioned as a winner!! so thanks for the comments on the other thread, it REALLY HELPED!!

im fair, coz i put ppl who i really dont feel they should win, etc...
so im sorry if i missed anyone, they only let me put 8 pole thingys...
the most votes wins....


ps.hahaha George, i figured the pole question


  • and the one who wins gets what??? lol, i dont get the goal of this whole poster of the year thing, maybe its me ???
  • I'm gonna auction my vote on ebay to the highest bidder, who wants me to vote for them the most??? ;D

    Actually, do you think the winner will be the one that hustler hates the least? He has 7 accounts? ;)

    God bless,

  • he gets bragging rites....actuallly never mind....bragging is :) :) :)....hes gets to be content that god have him/her the privilegde of sharing what they new about guess... :) :)...go chew...MIshMa3Fool
  • LOL ArIpSaLiN!!!

    guys i recon ArIpSaLiN shood also be in the runing, shes added sum spice to this site, she can take my place...
    i dont deserve to be on this poll, next to ppl like princess mary, magnoona4lyf, Lordhavemercy, ibqal....etc
    wat am i compared to them...

    anyway thnx ArIpSaLiN
    talk to ya soon.
  • ur so humble.....just take the compliments....and look at it as you touched many people when it came to :) :) :)...u deserve it.!!!!! :) :)
  • I dont know why my name is up there..dont vote for me either..I didnt do anything to deserve 1 vote..even
    my votes go for every1 who posted on this site even with 1 post..all the posts are really meaningful :)
  • yall gotsa keep voting....u never know who can win?!!
    coz im the only one who can lock the voting :P
    so, we need more ppl to vote....
    G.J.I, listen to arubaiscrazy..ok!
    CopticSoldier, hustler!?
    Hos Erof, they win!!! all they do is feel good about themselves!!!.....ok, sumone should really think of a good prize?!....

    maybe we can ask the administrater to make the thing on the side, were it says '"jnr. member, full member, etc.." to change it to, "best poster of the year", or sumthing?!!
    keep voting...
    GBU ;)
  • anyone can answer my question ::) lol
  • isn't it supposed to be a poster? cause it is called "poster of the year!" lol
  • lolx, maybe the winners prize could be buying me an ice-cream cone ;D lolx....btw, i dont get the point of this either.... ::) but then again its rare i get anything so dont mind me, lolx :P

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • Wouldn't this vote make the MOST POPULAR poster of the year? To do a fair test of who is the best you should do it on who answers this questions best...

    If a train heads towards seattle from Chicago at 70 mph and another heading in the opposite direction wind assisted without stopping at stations doing 50 mph, which would arrive in morroco first?

    I await your answers... :P

    God bless,

  • lolx, this wouldnt be a homework question, would it? lolx...naahh jk, ionno the answer because SYLVIA + NUMBERS = BRAIN CRAMPS

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • lol.....i noe.....numbers do not exist in your u :) :)
  • Is this better?

    If there are 144,000 virgins and 5 loves and 2 fish, how much extra matter will the Lord have to generate to feed them all?

    God bless,

  • andrew, andrew, stop changing the subject....LOL
    the votes arnt changing!!! :P
    GBU ALL ;) ;)
  • Notice of the Year,
    Hustlers back, nothing can stop me've banned me on unjust terms and you have been forgiven with my presence, i've turned back faster than Jesus can say WOW. Respect All, and get used to my presence.
  • Iqbal should be removed from the list and shall be replaced by me...all of you are blind to see the contribution i have placed on this website!
  • All you Jesus Wannabe's (Moderators), you can ban me but i'll be back with a greater don't tell the necessary occur
  • honestly u sound like a satan worshipper...filled with pride and that what your religion teaches you??? and the reason you want Iqual to be removed is because you that all the information the Iqbal gave right. u have nothing else to prove.....u choose to be blind to what is right....what ever happened to if u cant beat them join them...and trust u could beat us...we have CHrist on our side.......
  • hey hustler
    why do u keep competeting with us and changing the topic of the thread ALWAYS (like aqbal said)
    if u have something good to say ( which there is obviously none) then just LEAVE US ALONE and again im going to repeat what aruba said (ur not going to beat us )so y dont u just either open ur mind and try to understand and benefit from this site or go somewhere else
    sorry for my rudeness
  • guys i think that everyone benefited me somehow and i can choose btw these ppl
    but i have to ask why isnt arubaiscrazy on there
    or is she on there with a diff name
    excuse me im a little naive
  • nooooooooooooo......i realli dont need to be on there.....the people on there have helped me understand Christ in ways no one could ever only thankful that i had them to that for me.... :)...their knowledge of Christ should definitely be acknowledged!!!! besides syl (magnoona) made me get addicted to this site...its all your u.... :) :) :) :)
  • i know what u mean
    and im saying it again that all u ppl helped me to clarify alot of things to myself
    i think that all of u should be up there
    not only some
  • we are all winners of posters of the year in our own special :) :)
  • yes because i think everyone has benifited from everyone in some ways
    but are u guys gonna actually make us pick one of these ppl
  • Im content with GJI winning, he always has a place in my heart.
  • thats interesting 2 hear......
  • well thnx Hustler, i feel u shood be allowed on this site, but plz turn it down a bit, we all have to treat each other with love.
    by all means argue all ur points, and refute us, and persecute us, for it says in the holy book, "when they persecute u and say all kinds of evil against u falsely for my sake, rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is ur reward in heaven" (matt ch 5)
    but learn to respect each other,
    im kinda dissappointed with the ppl on this site that have behaved angerily on this site towards him, he has an excuse, wats ours??? know matter wat he does we shood refute him with love, "iI send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. therefore be as wise as serpants and harmless as doves." (matt ch 10 v. 16)
  • ur right...he does have a right to say what he feels....
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