Evsop of Kata Nikhoros(Teero in Afrek Etve)

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Hey Guys I was wondering what your takes are on this issue, I noticed that in the HICS Recording of Afrek Etve they have shortened way of singing Afrek Etve in Teero while Ibrahim Ayad Sings Evsop(which corresponds to Teero) in a Melismatic way.  Here is Ibrahim's: http://tasbeha.org/media/index.php?st=Hymns/Major_Feasts_of_the_Lord/Resurrection/Ibrahim_Ayad/Part_3/11.Kata_Ni_Khoros.1139.mp3 

And Here is HICS: http://tasbeha.org/media/index.php?st=Hymns/Major_Feasts_of_the_Lord/Ascension/Higher_Institute_of_Coptic_Studies/05.Afrek_Etfe.1184.mp3

Is there a reason besides possibly a time factor in this where churches would say the abbreviated way or is it a school of teaching? How does Mlm Mikhael sing it? Or Mlm Fahim? Or even the majority of Cantors?


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