Psalm 105:23,27

Can someone please give me this text in Coptic. This would be greatly appreciated. I tried but I don't know why it isn't lining up in the Coptic Bible on Remenkimi. Thanks in advance, God bless.


  • Tishori,
    That is correct. That Bible sometimes does not line up with the English and I can find the text:
    [coptic]ouoh afjoc epjinfotou `ebol ebyl je a Mwucyc picwtp `ntaf`ohi `eratf mpefm;o `n`qryi qen piqomqem epjintac;o `ebol ha pembon `nte pefjwnt estemfotou `ebol@ Affai ntefjij `e`hryi `ejwou epjinraqtou hi psafe nem erwqt mpoujroj qen nie;noc nem ejorou `ebol qen ni,wra.[/coptic] The colon is at the split, and I believe this is the perfect translation.
  • Thanks again man!

    But I'm confused. This is the psalm for Sunday's vespers. Here is the reading:

    it is there when you click vespers. The reading there doesn't match up with the one you gave me. So I guess the better question is what is that reading in Coptic, since that is what will be in the Katamaros.
  • Oh, hah, Tishori, I know how to fix that and make it match. Here it is:
    [coptic]Ouoh afi `nje piIcrayl `e`qryi `e<ymi ouoh Iakwb aferremnjwili qen `pkahi n,am@ af,w `nqytou nnicaji `nte nefmyini nem nefsvyri qen `pkahi n,am.[/coptic]Hah, I think that's better.
  • Beautiful! lol thanks a lot buddy, may I ask you what you did exactly, where did you end up looking?
  • I know how to read and interpret Coptic better than the average person, and so I used the Enremenkimi while considering what I must look for certain words and I knew the chapter to look at. So, it actually came easy for me, except for the fact that the chapters weren't aligned properly. But it is as accurate of a translation as anyone could make it (considering that the prefix [coptic]af[/coptic] means he, for [coptic]af,w[/coptic], and I must say that finding the second part was the hardest part) but then I realized what I had to do and did it.
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