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Hey Guys!

I was wondering if anyone had the text for the Gospel introduction in the presence of a Bishop. I know it is on the site in Coptic and Arabic but it would be great if someone would post it in English.

Thanks a bunch. GB!


  • Are you talking about the psalm Marouchasf?
  • No sorry I meant the

    "Stand up in the fear of God, and let us listen to the holy Gospel...."

    Does that clear anything up lol sorry I've heard it in Arabic but I really would like it in English.

  • Well whats said during that is the psalm marouchasf, you say stand up with the fear of God. . . the psalm, then marouchasf, then blessed is he, then the Gospel
  • I know I have the Tawaf taken care of but this is what I need in English:

  • Ahh my mistake sorry about that
  • lol no problemo sorry i wasn't being clear, I didn't know how to explain it lol

  • Nobody? lol sorry I really need it soon!
  • ask a priest or a senior deacon in your Church
  • I actually asked abouna for it and said he only had the Arabic in the Deacon Service book.

    And my lead deacon told me to find the text for it lol.

  • It's in a brown Coptic Hymns book...if that helps...I could type it up on here if it is REALLY urgent.
  • Tishori, do you want it?
    I am okay with typing it.
  • Lol I think you are referring to the Tawaf which is Marochasf. I have the brown hymn book, i'm pretty sure we're talking about the same one, and I didn't find it in there in the chapter on the Presence of the Patriarch/Bishop.

    Thanks a lot for the help though, and for the generous offer.

    God bless!
  • Hey if it comes down to it, you can ask someone to translate it from arabic, it shouldn't be very difficult for those who can read it fluently.
  • Tishori, you are talking about the Long Estathite, right? That one might be in the big brown hymn book spiral from St. Mark's D.C.
  • Dear aem581,
    Yes, I think tishori is referring to the long estathite. He may do with the English translation for it, if you have it (although we always need to learn Coptic and not do away with it).
    God bless you all and pray for us a lot
  • Yes! I think you are right it is in the St. Mark DC book, I remember seeing it some where but couldn't remember where. If you could find time to send that to me it would be awesome thanks a lot aem581! your're the best! sorry for dragging this out for so long! haha
  • Stand in the fear of God and let us listen from our honorable father the righteous and triple blessed, our honorable father Abba (...), Bishop of the city loving Christ (...) and it's surroundings. May the God of Heaven preserve him on his throne for many years and peaceful times. Quickly crush all his enemies under his feet. And grant him a pleasant and peaceful time. Bestow grace and mercy upon us through his prayers and supplications. The Holy Gospel.
  • Tishori,
    Anytime you need anything, just ask. It's fine, I don't mind. It isn't about how long you keep the topic out, it's about whether you get what you want or not.
  • haha thanks a lot bro, for all the help. This is exactly what i need thank you and everyone who helped. God bless you all!
  • No problem, anytime.
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