Weekday Hymns

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Hey all.
Does anyone know if the weekday hymns differ from the sunday hymns, responses, procession? Can you make a list of all the differences? Thanks.


  • There are no differences whatsoever, the only differences are the theotokia's for midnight praise but this is annually as well.
  • Ermmmm, are you talking about for the Liturgy, or for tasbeha, or for the resurrection... need some detail  :)

    pray for me

  • sorry the liturgy
  • Yeah like i said, nothing changes during the weekdays for the Holy 50, they are exactly the same as sundays, the only time things change during the week between weekends is during Lent. Other than that, liturgies during the week are always the same as sundays(with the exception of saying je efmevi and tishori on fridays and wed) but during the 50 its the same as sundays
  • so even pachios is said?
  • And the procession as well, and Kata Ni Khoros El Hegab etc.
  • just like jydeacon said, NOTHING CHANGES WHATSOEVER. except the readings of course.
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