Christianity originated in Egypt???

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I just read this article about the great similarities between christianity and the pharaonic mythology and it really got me to thinking.
The pharaonic religion also has some kind of trinity, and there's also a resurrection from the dead, there is also a virgin birth...
There is also something written in ancient Egypt that resembles the bible a lot it goes something like: 'Ptah was the word and he hovered over the waters and breathed life upon them' it was something similar to this (i don't remember exactly)
But this shows a stunning resemblance to Genesis and to the beginning of the gospel of st John.
Does anyone know any explanations..??
I was also thinking that it was Moses (who was raised in Egypt and knew the egyptian religion and soforth) who wrote genesis, so maybe he was inspired by Egypt in a way??
I think I remember a priest saying once that God had shared info about Himself which came to Egypt in a distorted way. Which is why they have something similar to the trinity, because they had heard of it before but the info was changed in the course of time and then it ended up being their idea of trinity..
Can someone plz clarify why Egypt's religion is so similar to Christian theology in so many ways ??

God bless u and plz pray for me


  • Well the idea that many religions are similar to each other is evident. The idea of the flood is in the mayan culture and in many other cultures as well. People say that the jews might have taken these ideas. I really don't believe so, the idea for example that the flood was felt all the way in the americas proves the Bible, except one thing. How come they felt the flood yet didn't die from it????

      The egyptian religion has actually changed over time. In the old kingdom the Pharaoh had complete authority and divinity. Yet as time went on his power became weaker. Maybe the jews influenced them, but I don't think the other way around, although I see your point that Moses could have taken genesis from the egyptians. MAYBE??? I really don't believe it but would be interested in your sources.
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