European Youth Conference 2008?



  • awwww, we really don't deserve these words, but we do have some blessed copts in Belgium  ;)

    sorry for the late reply, but yah the conference in Rome was really nice. I really enjoyed the tasbeha's with anba Bimen, he's the man ;D. Do you know if we met in Rome by any chance? Are you off to Austria this summer?? Im not sure if i can make it, but les us know who you are by having written on your forehead or something lol.
  • Glad to hear the Rome trip was good, people here in the UK were really pleased  :)

    So the next EYM is in Austria? Has anyone got details? I might just go...

    thanks and pray for me

  • Hey Hos Erof!
    yehh the tasbeha was great! i loved hearing the liturgies in different languages aswell  ;D
    hm im not sure if we met in Rome
    haha that sounds like a good idea of having written across my forehead  :)
    but im not sure i can go this year  :'(

    well, hopefully we will both be able to go... and talk more about in real life  ;)

    Joe, yes hopefully this years EYM will be in Vienna in Austria, they are thinking the last week of Austria, maybe same as last years dates : 28-30 August... but i dont think the dates have been confirmed yet!
    but if i find out more info, ill pass it along  ;D

    God Bless
  • cool thank you  :)
  • Who is organising a European Middle Aged Conference?

    Why do us older people get left out?

    Father Peter
  • ;D
    maybe you should!
    be sure to invite me!
    i see there is a mere 8 years' difference between us, which must make me more or less middle aged  ;)

    seriously though, anba angaelos (london bishop and general youth bishop for those who don't know him) said a few months ago in a meeting that we should be meeting all more together and less segregated according to age. so at his fortnightly london 'youth' meetings middle aged people come too. they are not the kind of people the youth are trying to avoid (those who 'tut tut' at them and then gossip or do other stuff that gives a bad example), but rather older folk who accept young people how they are at and don't patronise them.

    so p.m. me for the details  :)
  • I think an 8 year difference in age makes you a lot less middle aged!

    Next year I do want to see if it is possible to organise an international conference in London about the Oriental Orthodox tradition, with some important speakers. I'm going to be speaking to my bishop and some other clergy about it shortly.

    I think that one of the most important things we must be working on, together with evangelism and education in the Fathers, is promoting a lived out unity with all the Oriental Orthodox churches so that we consider each other and understand each other as truly One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

    Father Peter

  • It would be an amazing blessing to have you as a guest on the EYM conference this year in Vienna Fr Peter, i'll see if I can contact Mr Ibrahim Samaka for more information. There's SOOOOOO many "older" members who go to help organise and attend as leaders of youth groups, lot's of clergy attends and when we had the conference in 2007 here we had invited non-copts as well like Bisschop Polycarp from the Syrian Orthodox Church in Holland and many other guest speakers.

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