Can you believe...

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what this youtube user has done. Take a look at this video and others by this User.

God Bless,
Copt Andrew


  • What is you opinion on this?
    Please comment.

    God Bless,
    Copt Andrew
  • Thats wrong... very wrong
  • Sad isn't it. It made my heart beat very fast.
  • i didn't even watch 10 seconds of it
  • That IS the most disguisting thing i have ever seen.
    That person is sick in the brain, and all we can do is pray that God has mercy on his ignorant soul.
    If these people have no way of expressing themseves other then doing that...then ...well, they're not gonna get far in life. much for tolerance.  I mean, why can't,,ugh. whatever.
  • I cant believe this....
    May God forgive them

    And ive also seen some user put one up of H.H as a pig!!!

    how can someone do that?

  • Umm probably not worth us adding to its views. lol.... oh what some people would do with their time...
  • You guys know that the movie has been removed
  • i just got removed, well that's still pretty un-tolerable. I saw that vid like a year ago. Should have been removed right away.
  • All his videos are now removed I believe.
    He is suspended from Youtube.

    God Bless,
    Copt Andrew
  • Nice. Nobody makes fun of H.H. without getting punished by the One who gets pleased by him.
  • Great work guys, if anyone sees anything else let us no and we'll do our best to get it off the net

    or at least the site its on.

    God Bless
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