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I am asking you, all of you, to pray for me because I have got a Cumlutive Physiology Final Exam (CPFE) tomorrow! :(

Pray to god to help me, and hold my hand in this exam!

The power of prayer moved a montain from it's place, the power of prayer does soo many great miracles, and the power of prayer is a way that god tells us he is listening to us!

pray for me,


  • The Prayer of the Saints buddy, i'm sure you will do great, ask for the Intercessions and Prayers of St. Mary and of course HH Pope Kyrillos and you will do amazing don't worry, study tonight, get a good nights sleep and leave the rest to God. Rabina Ma3aki

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
  • May God be with you. Don't worry just do your best and leave God to do the rest.

    plz pray for me
    In Christ
  • May God be will you during the exam and throughout ur life.
  • Yep guys, I got GCSE Spanish on Wednesday.....pray for me

  • [quote author=josephgabriel link=topic=6547.msg86745#msg86745 date=1209974680]
    Yep guys, I got GCSE Spanish on Wednesday.....pray for me


    yeah ive got that..i think im gonna fail it..
  • How come..... just keep revising the questions and answers and the role plays,

    God will be glorified

    pary for me

  • May the Prayers of St Mary and Pope Kyrollos be with you.

    And dont worry about it take a pic of Jesus and St. Mary and Pope Kyrollos....and theyll all be holding ur hand...

    Come back and tell us how it went!

    God Bless
  • i am sooo upset :(, I think it went horriable :(, actually I know it went horriable! What are they thinking giving us a cumultive exam!!!  ??? I don't even remember what i did yesterday!!!!!!

    I should just drop out of school, and go esh7at fe el shara3  :'(

  • Dont worry

    You'll do fine...Pope Kyrollos is with you!!!
  • Yeah, I have a important test to take tomorrow as well.
    Please pray for my school in general because it is getting very tough.
    I will also pray myself for WeakOne and everyone else who needs help with school and work.

    Stay Strong in The LORD
    God Bless,
    Copt Andrew
  • Rabana mawgood! and everything happens happen for a reason :) and this is what I need to understand and apply it to my life :( and need to stop forget everything happen according to god's will not to my will :(

    Pray for me, we rabana ma3a everyone who has exams and ask for el baba kyrollos help because he is known to be the intercessor for the students.

    pray for me,
  • If you do not do well, do not mistake that for being God's will. He wants you to succeed in everything! So, if you did well than glory be to Him. If not, than you know it was on your part. The key thing here is prayer and studying hard.

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