While Im going to church I see kids walking to gas stations and

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not attending church.I mean what should i do about it.If something happens to the children the parents will blame it on the church.THats wut im worried about.And who knows but God what they are doing in those gas stations???? Its annoying me.


  • It is better to inform the priest of the church or their Sunday school teachers. They will
    Talk to them and try to bring them to church while informing the parents so they don't blame it on the Church. Meanwhile, just pray for them, prayers can do wonders!!!! yalla God be with us all.

    Plz pray for me
    In Christ
  • I agree with the above..

    Prayers can sure do wonders!

    +God Bless.
  • I will be sure to tell abouna next time i see him. Anyways they come with a bus that brings them to church.Their parents dont come.
  • Well if their parents don't come to church, it means they might be busy to taker care of their children's spiritual life. The kids need to be attracted to church and feel the need to be in a relationship with God. May God help you and reward you with his Heavenly Rewards.

    Plz pray for me
    In Christ
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