Alhan wrong when not in Season?

Hey...  have a freind who told me that saying alhan(for fun) or listning to them when it is not their apropraite time is wrong... such as Epouro (long) in the Lent is wrong, and listening to Golghotha after passion week is wrong etc....

God Bless

Coptic Pharaoh


  • Its not wrong to listen to it, its only wrong to say it at any time during the liturgy. Epouro however is not a joyful hymn but an annual one, A couple of weeks ago we had a baptism and during the procession we sang Epouro and what do you know it was during lent.
  • ok... but what about other Alhan.. and i didn't mean that we say those Alhan in the Liturgy... i meant like at Home.. just sitting on the computer.. is it wrong to listen to a Lahn in a different season...
  • I just told you it was alright, there is nothing wrong with listening to alhan at different times of the year, just today i listened to hymns for the Resurrection, was that wrong of me? of course not. its just a refresher
  • That's a bunch of balogna.  The only way I learn all of my alhan is to sing it in the house, all the time and OUT OF SEASON.  You know you've really learned a hymn when you can sing it during a time that's completely out of season.  For example, right now it's Lent.  You've probably listened to all your Lent and Pascha hymns and possibly some Ressurrection hymns as well.  But if I asked you right now, can you sing Atai Parthenos or Ontoc.  Probably not, however, if you were able to sing those hymns, which are COMPLETELY out of season for right now, then you could say with all confidence that you have completely memorized those hymns.  Besides, we as Christians are encouraged to be mature and smart.  If we sing a Pascha hymn during Kiahk just for fun or just for learning, God isn't going to strike us with lightning.
  • My mom says the same thing but whatever  :P

    Its not wrong to listen to anything that is out of season just as long as we are praising God with our hearts. So keep listening to whatever you want!  ;D

  • Hmm.... Yea one of my friends told me that it was wrong too but it is not. How is it wrong to say:

    O King of peace, give us Your peace, grant us Your peace, and forgive us our sins. (Epouro)

    or Come all you nations, to see the archangel, proclaiming: Hail to you O Mary, you have found grace, the Lord is with you. (Zefte Pentes)

    You are basically just praying though hymns. And I don't think there is anytime in the year that forbids you to pray, No matter what your praying for, God should be told everything (even though he already knows everything) at ANYTIME.

    I hope this answers it, Copt Andrew
  • I asked the same question yesterday and the answer I got was its not wrong.
  • Ya I know my grandma says the same thing. I kind of see where they are coming from. If you are listening top these hymns out of season and you are supposed to feel happy and you listen to golgotha then you might feel said. But I however don't see how it is wrong, what are lessons for.
      Also the point of Alhan is to always be enjoyed. For example I love said of slow tune Hymns, like Migalo and Golgotha. I don't listen to them to feel said I just love them. They comfort me. So listening to them out of season isn't really wrong just not preferred. I really don't know why people say that but it kind of makes since.
  • What's everyone's view on listening to liturgies while on a computer, at home, or while driving? My mother has told me that Pope Shenouda says we should not listen to the liturgy unless we will actually stand when we should stand, kneel when we should kneel, etc., however, I'm not sure how true this statement actually is. Opinions? Facts?
  • [quote author=SilentOne link=topic=6468.msg85440#msg85440 date=1207791893]
    What's everyone's view on listening to liturgies while on a computer, at home, or while driving? My mother has told me that Pope Shenouda says we should not listen to the liturgy unless we will actually stand when we should stand, kneel when we should kneel, etc., however, I'm not sure how true this statement actually is. Opinions? Facts?

    well he said it should not be listened to while doing somthing wrong.
  • The point that the pope is trying to make is that we should not treat the liturgy like anything other than a spiritual practice in which we celebrate partaking of Christ's body and blood. At times when we listen to a liturgy, we can sometimes forget the holiness of what we are listening to; and throughout the liturgy we show respect by following the rituals that take place and by listening to it in the car we cannot actually do that. This can then lead us subconciously to think of it in a "light" manner, which is dangerous. It also has to deal with showing respect, for example, if the deacons says bow your heads and we do not for some reason, you might say that this could be disrespect. Or standing while the gospel is read. I am not saying we are diliberately being disrespectful when we listen to a liturgy, but what i am saying is that it CAN take away from spirituality if you listen too often. At that point it becomes more of just listening for pleasure instead of focusing on the prayer (i am not saying you cannot enjoy the prayer!) which is not good...
    btw, i am a hypocrite  :P

  • In that sense we are all hypocrites  :P great response couldn't have put it better myself
  • Thanks!

  • Thus says the LORD of hosts: ‘ The fast of the fourth month,The fast of the fifth, The fast of the seventh, And the fast of the tenth, Shall be joy and gladness and cheerful feasts For the house of Judah.

    zachariah 8:19
  • Dear all,
    Let me just mention one point. We had better draw a line between two expressions: wrong, and inappropriate. In our church, and indeed as Christians generally, we don't have anything such as "wrong", rather inappropriate. However, I think listening to hymns out of season is neither wrong or inappropriate. It may only be unnecessary. For me, the same goes for liturgy. I can see the point of the old-fashioned people, who encourage us not to concentrate on anything else but the season we are in, simply because some of the hymns describe situations we are not living in at the moment - it will even be inappropriate for myself listening to "o nim nai" - "what beautiful tunes I can hear right now" during for example the Holy Week. That is all what it means. However, if someone else would like to listen to that very hymn during the Holy Week, I would advise him that it is unnecessary, but of course he can still do it out of just practising or even preferring to listen to any hymn, rather than worldly songs. Don't take anything so rigidly, and don't offend other people by what you think is best for yourselves; respect the season the church is living at least in company of other people. I strongly agree with jydeacon in him saying that it is inappropriate if people sing hymns out of season just to fill up time. Here, the role of the rites comes.
    God bless you all and pray for us a lot
  • yea the only way to learn a hymn is when its out of season like right now were in holy week are you going to be able to learn pekethronos? lol unless you have an amazing memory i think you wouldn't lol
  • I was singing "laka el kouwa we el maagad we el barakah ela alabad amean.... emanuel benoty..... thoktatii go.... " and soo on after last good friday and then my mom heard me and said it is haram to sing it cuz we just got out of good friday last year. :(
  • I personally think it depends on the season.  Take Holy Week for instance.  I think it is inappropriate to listen to joyous hymns or anything else that does not really focus on Christ's sufferings.  However, if we are in the Apostles' Fast, it is great to learn the hymns of that period/season, but if you are trying to learn Ouran En Shoushou or Nativity hymns, for instance, I think it is OK.  As mentioned before, the only way to learn hymns is out of their season. I just think it depends what season we are in.  I hope I did not offend anyone. 
  • As for the earlier remark about Pope Shenouda saying it's wrong, he actually said that there is a difference to the unique atmosphere of attending a liturgy, with its deep prayers, the congregation praying, the icons, the incense of the censer, from simply listening to liturgies in a recording, where it loses that "feel" and becomes simply a piece of music (e.g. listening to 50+ people singing Golgotha on Good Friday creates an indescribable feel in the altar in the burial on Good Friday). Hymns when said at home, out of season, are not wrong; as previously highlighted, its the only way you'll learn them. And also hymns are a form of prayer that can be used in personal prayer.

    pray for me

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