How do we choose a pope?

hey everyone, i was jsut wondering how does the coptic orthodox choose their pope? How was pope shenouda chosen?


  • They cast lots on a number of candidates and the final two are put on the alter with a blank paper upside down. Then i believe a child is supposed to come and chose the one, and if he choses the blank one that means God doesn't want either candidates and they re-cast lots and repeat the process until someon is chosen. This is what i've heard, and have no proof since i was not alive when HH was chosen. If somebody else has a source or disagree's please correct me if i'm wrong
  • I think the final three are put in the lot
  • Okay you guys got that step down correctly, but you're forgetting the first step, the choosing of the three candidates.

    The bishops of the church gather together, and they have a list of all the current monks in our church. They go through the list and choose who they think (and who the people think) should be the top 3. I'm not sure if this still happens or if it's just recommendations from people, but from what I've heard in Sunday School and from others, this is the first step.
  • SilentOne is correct, albeit one small correction:

    They also add the names of General Bishops to the 'master list'. I do not think they add all the names of the monks, rather, they perhaps get something like 5 recommendations from each monastery and add those names to the list as well.
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    Then i believe a child is supposed to come and chose the one, and if he choses the blank one that means God doesn't want either candidates and they re-cast lots and repeat the process until someon is chosen.

    I have heard this also, except for the blank paper part....Thanks for that Info

    God Bless
  • By they way the system you guys are talking about only happened for the last two popes only All the other popes before that have been chosen differently.  Actually many people opposed the lotary-type of choosing saying that the people should pick their leader, but I guess now its acceptable since the last two popes were both great leaders.
  • JYdeacon has put is rightly. The idea of putting the 3 chosen names on the altar is not to be compared with casting lots in the sense of gambling.  The Holy Liturgy is celebrated  only for that purpose,asking God to choose his shepherd to guide his flocks.At the end of the liturgy ,a blind-folded child is asked to pick one of the 3 allocated names from the altar.The child guided by the Holy Spirit of God picks up one and the next pope is chosen. In other words,it is the Lord himself that chooses his deputy on earth.

    There is a famous picture of HH Pope Shenouda kneeling before HH Pope Kryillos taking blessings ,I think, on the occasion of his ordination as a Bishop. Some people say, that was the moment,that HH Pope Kryillos  passed down his Papal Staff to HH Pope Shenouda and I do concurr with this view:-)
  • A friend of mine told me told me a story about Pope Kyrollos 6 and Bishop Shenouda (later Pope Shenouda 3)... so it goes like this.....

    During a Liturgy, (or something like that) Bishop shenouda was praying and He made a mistake... so another Bishop told Pope Kyrollos 6 (who was attending that Mass) to correct Bishop Shenouda , so then Pope Kyrollos said: " How can I correct the Pope that will come after" (or something like that.... sorry i din't have it word for word.. im getting this from memory...) plz correct me if i am wrong
  • Coptic P

    Thanks for sharing that info.I actually had the following picture in mind.


    While I am still in the mood,why not share this Pic too


    I have some more,but  I dont think you will hate me for including this one as well.

  • is that Abouna Yostos (silent monk ) in the middle picture?
  • and where did u get these pictures..they are pretty awsome.. i have some of the net....but i never saw the bottom two pictures before
  • Coptic P,

    The second pic is that of Abuna Abdel Messih el Manahry. I have 2 or 3 others of him that are original. But I am not sure, if it is is allowed  or common to post Photos too often here.I still have not read the posting etiquette and guidelines. As Newbie, I dont intend to break any rules,specially in the holy lenten season:-)

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