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not sure if there is another topic about this, but anywho i just wanted to get some help on something. do you guys believe in first love? does that "love" ever go away? if not, what do you do?

i'm kinda in a situation where everytime i think i'm over this one person, i find myself not... no matter how many i've met after her but i feel like i'm always being haunted by those feelings!


  • Just pray and leave everything in God's hands. if it was meant to be, then it will be. If not then God will help you get over this person.

  • no such thing
  • first love?
    what is first love?
    LOVE is unlimited... how can there be a first and a last?
  • Concentrate on Gods love first then you will figuer out all you need to know. If you are facing a problem then tell your confession father. I'm sure he can help you a lot more than us.
  • Well i once was "haunted" by this type of thing, i find it amazing to pray and look at a picture of Jesus and talk to him like you would your friend. Ask for the prayers of Our Mother the Virgin Mary and Pope Kyrollos.....and you will be fine.

    God Bless
  • Hey,

    I know what you're talking about. Pray about it first, and then take action. Prayer works, but if your praying for help to stay over this person and you keep singling them out in your mind, and getting closer and closer with them, then it'll be harder. Listen to this quote: "PRAY AS THOUGH EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON GOD, WORK AS THOUGH EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON YOU. Pray, and try and keep the relationship at a distance, while growing closer to God!

    Being "Haunted" by this kind of feeling is kind of bad, because even though [ it seems like ] we can't control it, it distracts us from everything, including prayer and God, which is when it gets out of hand.

    But let me tell you, when you're finally over this problem, you will have learned a lot and benefit greatly.

    Pray for me!!

  • Love is by choice. God commanded us to love one another. As such, love is not a feeling, for how can God command us to feel something? Does God command us to feel hungry?, feel thirsty etc? No.
    Love is action.
    To truely love is to be able to give and not recieve. What do you offer her?
    If your emotions are involved, then it is not love.

    PRAY, and please pray for me also!
  • From my perspective, if your original question was do I believe in love at first sight, my answer would be a no, how do you know it'll work out, yes people have these "feelings" per se, but also there are those moments where you might not realize that you are being pulled in by a forced rope to have all these feelings!

    Coptic Servent
  • i dont think they meant love at first sight..they meant first love as in the first person u believe can be your life partner or something...right?

    love is a very incredible thing and it is a very painful thing too especially if you invest it in the wrong person or if you step forward too quick and make decisions faster than you should. 'first love' is something sensitive i think..because it is the first time your heart/feelings move and you feel like 'you have found what you needed' especially that you are young (i don mean teenager really..just naive). the problem is, if that person you gave all your emotions to is not the right one..depending on wether they do not share the same feelings with you or they were not the person you expected to be..then you feel quite hurt.

    we all tend to remember the 'first time' we saw something, the 'first time' we've been somewhere if that person you are talking about has gotten married or anything else to which the conclusion made should be 'noway' then you must try and forget about it so that its not hurting you on a daily basis..the thing is..with emotions its not like any othe physical takes time for everything.
    you cant just change something overnight. therefore, you have to give yourself time and try to explain to yourself that it was something that maybe 'had to happen to you' to make you stronger (i dont mean stone hearted lol) or to give you experience you would need to help someone else who might be going through something never know..

    an important thing is not to blame yourself for anything (it happens) and dont try to make yourself hate that person either..after all, a lot of people get engaged and have a party and everything and it feels like 'this is it!' but then it all breaks apart (in most cases for the good of those people).

    the good thing is God must have arranged everything to be like this for your good. so dont be upset.
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