the tribes of israel changed?

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Hello Everyone,
It recently came to my attention that the 12 tribes of Israel mentioned in genesis (as the sons of Jacob) differ from the 12 tribes of Israel mention in Revelations.  They are all the same except Genesis mentions the tribe of Dan while Revelations mentions Manasseh.  Can someone please explain to me where the change came from?
Thanks in advance


  • does anyone know??
  • I do not know but I'll ask about it soon. In Revelations it is written that the antichrist will be from the tribe of Dan, it may be related to that.
  • That is correct.
  • Thanks dear ilovesaintmark,
    would you give us more details please?

  • so the Antichrist will be a Jew?
  • compare genesis 49!

    Manasseh is Joseph's older son. When Jacob was blessing Joseph's son's Joseph put Manesseh by Jacob's right hand and Ephraim by Jacob's left. But Jacob crossed his hands to give Manesseh the lesser blessing. (Gen 48)

    I don't think revelation explicitly says that the antichrist will come from Dan.
  • ok look here's the whole story, it says in one of the chapters of the Book of Kings that Dan defiled his fathers bed and therefore was removed from the list of the tribes that will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Afterword, Manessah, the older son of Joseph relaced Dan on the list. The tribe of Dan is alos said to have been the tribe of the antichrist. Anyway look in on of the first chapters in the Book of Kings and its like the first couple of verses, it says it.

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