ST. Sidhom Bishay

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Does any one know where I can find pictures of St. Sidhom Bishay on the internet? 

Thanks in Advance!!


  • That is very helpful, thanks a lot !!
  • What is the story of Saint Sidhom Bishay?

  • well hes a fairly recent saint (at the times of Mohammed Ali Basha), who was martyred in the city of demiatte. he was a worker, and had been accused of cursing islam, so they took him to a judge who most definetly found him guilty (regardless if he was or wasn't) and condemned him to a mob who tortured him relentlessly and humiliatingly. they even tied him to the back of a bull and made it drag him around through town.  and as he was dying they threw him at the front steps of his house, were his family nursed him, but he ended up dying 5 days later. During that time, many Christians locked themselves in, and after his death, they came out and started protesting.  The Christians (regardless of denomination) put on their service vestmetns and lined the streets and carried the Holy  Saints body to the church for funeral prayers.  They then complained to the Pope and wit the aid of Outside countries, an inquiry was opened by the demands of Mohammed Ali Basha, which resulted inteh conviction of the judge and governer who were both stripped of their honor and exiled. 
    The current metropolitian of demiatte, Anba Bishoy, is actually a descendant of St. Sidhom Bishay
  • St Sidhom Bishoy is a real saint and a great martyr. He also endured his head, shoulders and upper chest being boiled alive when they poured hot melted bitumen over his head and his face, which is an extremely painful situation. This unbearable suffering ended him to repose in the Lord. May we be all granted the blessings of his precious intercessions.

    Besides being a worker, I think he was a fervent abouna or a senior deacon though. Please correct me if wrong?

  • I was under the impression that this saint was a deacon, i never heard that he was a priest. his full story:
  • ya he was never a priest, one could see this today from the attire they dressed his holy body with.
    A deacons tonia, badrashin, and cap.
  • I am pretty sure he was an archdeacon, not a priest.  His story in details in found in the synexarium (17th of Baramhat) here is the link:
  • Well, St. Sidhom Bishay is one amazing saint. I still wonder to this day, how was he as silent as he was? He was just as quiet as our Savior, and even endured the suffering to the extent that he died. I find that amazing about him. He was like the "sheep that gets sheared before its shearer".
  • Well as it is written:

    Exodus 14:14
    The LORD will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.”

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