How do u Explain Genesis to Outsiders?

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I have a guy at school..he was about to go atheist and i kind of talked him out of it...  but he wanted me to explain how Adam and Eve created the whole 6.5 billion people on this other words.... how did they create black, white, yellow, native, chinese, siberean ppl....etc... hopefully u get the question....

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  • Well, they evolved to be sauch a race. The idea of evolution of skin color is not against our church. Since cain migrated away from adam and eve different climates were in that place, and adaption was made over the years and that is how the different races were created. It is like science explains it, except for the part that we came from apes :D :D
  • Even scientifically (which i hope your friend can connect to) the common belief is that All humans shared a common ancestor.  For instance According Charles Darwin theory of evolution, a human really has all traits but as time goes on people that have traits suitable for their survival at some environment will reproduce of their kind. 

    In simple terms, the early humans had the capabilities to be the races you see today but as they moved to different environments they had to adapt.  So the darker skinned were able to adapt quicker in Africa at that time which enabled them to stay there and reproduce.  The people that had lighter skins did not survive in Africa (for some reason or another at that time) so they either died out in Africa or moved to Europe where they began reproduce and so on.  (Tell your friend to search Darwin's finches maybe he'll understand what I mean!)
  • your friend raises a good question. i asked the same thing ..somewhere on this website, and i basicalyl got the same answers ^^ that microevolution caused ppl to adapt to their environments...i still dont understand how having say black hair (which attracts the sun more) in africa is helpful..but that's what happened.
    you should also ask your friend if he would rather accept the scientifc explanation that he somehow evolved from a fish-like thing..i mean that's more insulting than explainative. :/ eh?
  • Yeah its a lot more insulting and actually some scientists are going away from that we are made of fishes and apes and these things like that!

  • when I asked him wat he thought..he said he beleived in the "big Bang"(when the moon hit the earth.... that could have been the reason the earth was created, but not humans...)

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    Coptic Pharaoh
  • Well if he believes in the "big bang". Ask him this, how can the big bang happen. Since energy can't be created or destroyed where did the energy for the big bang come from? Here is where our God comes. I actually aren't against tyhe big bang at all as a theory, although it isn't really practical that everything randomly came to be. The energy for everything must had to be created and everything is very organized, so someone must have organized it here is God again. This is what genesis is explaining, that God created these things, Genesis never goes in detail becauseall we need to know is that God made everything.
  • Yeah, a lot of people are actually starting to combine the big bang with the Biblical theory. Some say that the BANG was God's voice. which really isn't a bad explaination at all.  And the earth and moon can't hit eachother to create the earth?? idk..i could be wrong...but if the earth exists idk how it could...idk.

    I mean the evolutionary theory makes NO sense at's like ...hey i'm a gorilla...and i wanna be a human. yay. so i guess i'm gonna turn into a human..but the rest of you stay gorillas...?

    ??? really the only thing that makes sense is microevolution, i mean it still takes a little imagination and belief in God..but yeah.
    (plus back then they lived crazy the birth rate was probably higher than the death the population grew and spread quickly...ALSO you have to remember that after the flood ...the brothers spread out into different areas and had to adapt)
  • wat is microevolution?
  • I'll try to be concise (also because I'm having a bad hard time at home, please pray for me)

    microevolution (acc. to Merriam Webster's)
    comparatively minor evolutionary change involving the accumulation of variations in populations usually below the species level
    i.e. variations within the same kind of species, like human races: all are still fully human
    like different kinds of frogs: all are still frogs, etc.

    Many creationists would agree on:
    When the Lord had stricken the tongues of the builders during the Babel tower event in king Namrod's time they could not understand each other or communicate anymore, and ended by "randomly" gathering in smaller groups or tribes according to each group understandable common language (tongue). These different groups could not live together anymore and had to split around, some went farther on land and did not meet again for a long time.
    So the basic idea is that some genes that were not dominant in the original common human genetic pool, then appeared to act more and rapidly produced the different skin colors, hair, stature and eye shapes etc. and became more and more obvious in subsequent generations. These specific effects on characteristics in appearance were confined within each of the different separated groups, resulting in these variations of the human race.
    It's like every human being has different finger prints and each one her/his very own face: still a full human. Also like blood types (which are mainly four types in any given human population), etc.

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