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Is it wrong to watch movies on youtube, "i don't mean bad movies" I mean if we watch movies that we did not pay for. Would that be stealing.


  • The simple answer would be yes, the pope himself said that it was wrong to get movies and productions without paying for them simply because the people who made it put a lot of time and money into what they were doing.
  • but i am not the one who post it on youtube. It is someone else who post it. I do not download it, i just view or watch it. Would it still be the same.
  • by you watching the movie, you promote it and how it got on the website. Now of course i am guilty of using youtube but thats not the point i was getting at
  • so do you think that it is something that i should confess it to my foc.
    sorry for asking much, thnxs
  • Thats up to you to be honest, if you feel you have done something wrong then you should just go and talk to your FOC and get his opinion on the matter, he knows you best and will be able to give you the best advice
  • Actually my FOC said that it is fine to watch but not reproduce. Because you are not stealing, how are you, you are not getting money for it so I mean i don't see the Wrong.
    Also H.H said it is wrong to reproduce without permission, but you are watching and not reproducing.
  • its like going to a friends house to watch a movie, you didn't pay for it.
  • But what is wrong with it???
  • well i noticed on youtube that when you find a clip that is very good quality it gets removed soon because there are people who monitor it and if a company sees its copywritten productions on there, they ask for them to be far as im concerned i dont really think its a major wrong doing to use the website???
  • to me, its not wrong, your not really stealing, if u do steal the videos from other places, they have coprights, they just remove it from the website, youtube is just a program i guess for entertainment, and even news
  • If you ever have a guilty feeling and are not sure whether its right or wrong... then its most likely wrong! I found this website online that has movies, even movies that are still out in the cinema, for free! the whole entire movie! I watched a little of this, just to try it out, and I felt very guilty because people are paying money to see these and I am home watching it for free. Personally I think its a sin... but i still think you should ask abouna.

    great opinions jydeacon, keep up the good work and may god bless your service... I'd also like to praise all of you for your outstanding service to your all helping one another as true christian followers!
  • i dont think its a big deal..if things have been illegally published then thats it..even if u are not goin 2 use it..its still there
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