Alhan Syllabus

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Hey everyone!

This might have been discussed already but I couldn't find the thread. Is there an alhan Syllabus/Curriculum out there some where? We want to create some kind of organization, by starting an alhan program at my church so please if you have anything post it or pm me. It would be awesome if there is one based on levels. Maybe elementary, middle, high school, and graduate/adult. Thanks in advance. God bless!


  • Maybe you can go by whatever occasion we are in, for example, right now we are in its good to learn stuff for lent. Here is a basic outline i just  made:

    Weekday hymns:
    Kerie leyson (highschool/adults)
    Alleluia E eie (all ages)
    Nefsenty (all ages)
    Entho te tishory (high/adults)
    Share Efnooty (high/adults)
    Tihirini (all ages)
    Psalm 150 major (high/adults)
    psalm 150 minor (all ages)
    Pimariomi (middle/high/adults)
    Somatos (middle/high kids)

    Weekend hymns:
    Doxologies (all ages)
    Aripamevi (all ages)
    Meghalou (high/adults)
    A penchoice (all ages)
    Je peniot (middle/high +)
    psalm 150 (all ages)
    Onishty (middle +)

    This was what i made up just now. Maybe you can go by this if you want.

  • Yea i was thinking along the same line as you, thanks a lot by the way.

    but the problem is, that by the time we are done teaching all of this, lent will be over! lol so if there was a set curriculum that has been used with pros and cons, it would probably teach things a bit earlier than they are said and would cover everything in good timing. so please if anyone has come across anything, post it!

    Thanks again tony!
  • Maybe you dont have to teach all of these hymns. I think doxologies arent as important as some hymns like : Kerie leyson, entho te tishory, share efnooty, meghalou, psalm 150, and A penchoice. I think its good to have the main hymns taught so that way you are teaching very important hymns and still having some extra time to teach pascha hymns.

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