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Can we please share topics that would be good to share in sunday school and youth meetings. im a teenager and my sunday school teacher asked me to tell him topics that would be good and interesting to have in sunday school so that its not always repeated and the same boring thing. 

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  • different religions thats interesting to me
  • We do discussions for sunday school, everyone has to cooperate with the subject, we do a lot of different things such as Dating, Smoking, Gambling, Alcohol, Positions of the Angels, from our Tamav we get a lesson about every month for Coptic History, Purity we just had a lesson on it all of last sunday!!

    Coptic Servent
  • i agree with coptic servant talk bout dating,perr pressure,smoking,gambling etccc.
    it may not be the best thing to TALk bout in church but ur teachin tehn wta riet nd rong.  nd believ it or not everyone has their own argument nd pays attention. 

    in mi churhc everyone is paticipating nd live wen it coemes to argumenattive q lol

    plzz p4m siste rin Christ
  • Isn't there supposed to be a curriculum that every one follows. We have these discussion lessons when they come up on the curriculum.
    + Why don't you ask him to do a presentation. You could ask people in your class what they want it about.
    + We rarely have disscussion lessons because people in my class aren't interested in anything at all. They just want a quick lesson that will be over quickly without them  having to participate in them.
    Pray for me
  • My favorites are

    How to act Christian around people without making them think we're weird (if its not clear send me a message and ill try to clarify)
    and Judging
    and the difference between churches
    and Hypocrisy 
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