If GOD knows the future. Which means he knows if we are going to heaven or hell.

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If GOD knows the future. Which means he knows if we are going to heaven or hell. Then why are we alive? I think we are alive to see if we go to heaven or hell. Why are we alive?


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    If GOD knows the future. Which means he knows if we are going to heaven or hell. Then why are we alive? I think we are alive to see if we go to heaven or hell. Why are we alive?

    yep...He does.

    but He created us free out of His love and left free-well for us.
  • God knows where we are going to end up because he is beyond time, not because he is necessarily controling it(he controls everything of course) as minagir said he created us with a free will, WE decide were we will end up heaven or hell not God, He just knows the outcome of our lives. you can't limit God to time and say he knows so whats the point. that deals with the issue of predestination which we don't believe in. We control our destiny. you can think of it like this as an example. Infront of God is a huge timeline. He is seeing the past present and future all happening at the same time before His eyes. which would make him beyond time since he created time
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    Imigaine a teacher, one of her students always fails. Always she has given 10000 test, and he failed them all. never does hw, never learns, the kid is stupid... so its the final, does she have to give him the test either way, he didn't even bring a writing uticil or anything... she knows for sure he isn't gonna pass, but she still has to give him the test, cause if she doesn't he could start flipping out and be like you didn't give me a chance... same thing with God he knows im going to hell... doesn't send me there right away cause i would complain... and also if you look at what God did with judas you learn something else. Even though God knows what we are going to, and what Judahs was going to do, he can never treat you as if he knows. Otherwise that might change your actions... God basically just lets things go, cause he knows that either way the end is the end. He can not treat you as if he knows the future he has to sit there and suffer and watch you do the wrong...

    that is best you could possibly get
  • Don't confuse the knowledge of God with the will of man. Man can do whatever he wants but God still knows what will happen doesn't stop man from trying to reach that goal. Also how do you know where you are going, by saying that God knows it that doesn't mean anything. Why did God create us? He did because he loved us but we didn't love him back, he didn't create us to send some of us to heaven and some to hell, we put that upon ourself. The will of man is dependent on him but God knows what man will do.

    I know that is confusing but look at it this way what is the point of God putting some in hell adn some in heaven without us working for it. The ones in heaven won't know how to praise God, they won't even know him because they never felt his love living on earth. Th epeople in hell will complain saying God is unfair, and God is never unfair. He makes it up to you by your action so you never say God never gave me a chance he did, as explained by the story that KrazyLion said.
  • The future cannot occur unless it will and does occur.
  • Krazy lion you are right this is the best answer ... unfortunately it's still not good enough. The problem with it is that I'm not so sure the student would flip out as you say if the teacher says he can't write the final. 

    Imagine that this final will determine this kid's grade and it will go on his transcript. This can have very serious implications on his life going forward, namely he would probably get rejected from any post-secondary institution. This is a serious and likely irreversible damage. If the student is just smart enough to understand this he almost definitely would not want to write the test and would probably prefer to try again another year when he's got his shit together. 

    The argument that god creates bad people who he knows are going to hell (or allows them to be created) because it would be unfair to not give them the chance ... that argument is just not good enough because no rational person (given the choice) would want that chance with that knowledge of certain failure because the ultimate consequence is very serious and irreversible which is an eternity in hell. Therefore, to assume that every unborn person would want that chance (to assume that the student would flip out) is an extremely unfounded assumption.
  • I like the answer @clay gave a lot.

    Maybe knowing the outcome isn't the whole point. Several times Christ compared his people to a  growing, fruit bearing crop of one form or another. "Knowing what is going to happen" never stops a farmer from doing his job. The value is in doing the job and living from its fruits not just the knowledge.

    This is a great question to visit every once in a while. God doesn't "need" to test us, He could have just made us as angels. In fact, He doesn't really "need" us at all, yet here we are. I think that this life is a part of His gift to us because we get to choose. We get to choose, not only whether or not to follow Him, but also how we follow Him and who we are as we follow Him.
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