Alhan Comp. 2004 text.

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Hey, if anyone has any of the text for the 3rd group hymns in the Hymn comp. for 2004, can you pleeze send it to me. They are: Epouro; Aikoti; Tenousht (first part); Evlogemenos; and Ontoc. Thanks so much.


  • ill try to scan my paper and send it to u, but first i have to find it :-[ :-\
  • Here is Aikoti Ensok As an Attachment
  • Here's the morning doxology as an attachment.
  • ok, this is one of 2 pgs, i dont have the 2nd, when and if i get it, ill post it

    sorry its small, i had to resize it so it could fit :-\
  • Hey guys, thanx so much!!!! ;D ;D
  • Hey guys,
    I'm wondering if anybody got the list of alhan for the 2005 competition. I know that they are out already. You don't have to post the text for me...i'm just wondering what hymns they are, if anybody has them. Thanks..
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