Plz pray for me!!!

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tomorrow i start my second last year (year 11) of school and i really need ur prayers so plz plz plz remember me in ur prayers. plz pray for my academic life and my spiritual life because i am really struggling.


Your brother in Christ


  • The Prayers of the Saints especially those of St. Mary, St. Mark, St. George the Prince of Martyrs and HH Pope Kyrollos VI a man of prayer be with you.
  • u r in my prayers!!
  • God be with you and I will be sure to pray 4 u
  • I heard junior year is the hardest and toughest (sorry if I'm not making you feel better). May the Lord, our God be with you and I hope you do well!

    Coptic Servent
  • Thanks a lot ppl but plz keep the prayers coming for mee.

    thanks God Bless
  • Don't get hung up on doctrine. Go deeper into prayer and making a flourishing relationship with God; and share with Him the burdens of the last year in School. He wants to go through with it with you. But always remember, He has so much more for you.
  • Do not worry, God is going to take care of you.
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