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  Hello to all! I am Elena,from Romania.I have postes some things about the Romanian  Orthodox Church and communism at Introductions.Now I wanted to say that I like very much the orthodox coptic Icons and I will post some links where you can see some orthodox traditional romanian icons-that in a way resemble-with the coptic ones.But all have their specific of course.The links are in romanian language but you have just to look at them-so I give you the diresc link to the images.Hope you enjoy.God bless you all,I hope you celebrate with joy and love the Birth of Christ!!
So here is one link:


  • Thank you for that wonderful link. I would never have anticipated Romanian Orthodox icons to be so unique! I always thought Eastern Orthodox iconography was rather homogenous--the standard Byzantine style icons you would see in a Greek or Russian church. Romanian Orthodox icons have a much more simpler and warmer feel to them and as such seem to more closely resemble traditional Oriental Orthodox iconography. I immediately thought of Ethiopian Orthodox iconography in particular when I first opened that link.
  • Dear Elena,
    Welcome back; we missed your posts, and I for one missed yours in the introductions section. I agree with Iqbal the icons are so simple and expressive. What surprised me though is that I found an icon for Adam and Eve; does the Romanian Orthodox church, or the Eastern Orthodox in general hail them as saints? I am sure we as Coptic Orthodox hail them highly, but not to the level of saints, as my understanding goes. I would like to hear the views of every one on this as well.
    God bless you all and pray for us a lot
  • I have definitely seen icons of Adam and Eve similar to the one presented at the link in question. Here are a couple I found on the internet:



  • Dear Iqbal,
    My question is are they considered saints in our church? The link you gave to Sydney Orthodox church shows Adam and Eve in remorse after committing the sin. Having said that, I remember that in one part of the midnight chants we describe Adam as a holy man. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    God bless you and pray for us a lot
  • [quote author=ophadece link=topic=6040.msg80499#msg80499 date=1198146867]
    Does the Romanian Orthodox church, or the Eastern Orthodox in general hail them as saints?

  • Dear Orthodox11,
    Thank you for your reply. Really, I am not used to such a very short reply from yourself; would you also comment on their level in our view; the Coptic Orthodox Church's as well? What are other members' views also?
    God bless you all and pray for us a lot
  •   Hello to all.Thank you for the interest in the orthodox romanian icons,and in fact I thank you for the open heart to everything that I have said.It is very good for me to see that people from other places/countries,that share the same values,are so enthusiast for the dialogue.And for ophadece-sorry I have'n posted until recently,I have answered some things a few days ago-right there at the introductions.Thanks for not forgetting me.It really means something.
      So this is another link with icons
    With the Mother of God - http://mariolanda.ro/maria_ro.htm
    With Saints(here there are I think represented some catholic saints also) - http://mariolanda.ro/sfinti.htm
      And I give you one more interesting link - that has a lot of traditional things
    here-for glass icons http://www.traditii.ro/icoane-pictate-sticla.php
      pay attention there are 3 pages-
    here-for wood icons http://www.traditii.ro/icoane-pictate-lemn.php
    here- icons painted on rock - http://www.traditii.ro/icoane-piatra.php
      here -icons painted on eggs-for Easter-I guess you have too the tradition with painting on eggs http://www.traditii.ro/icoane-pictate-oua.php
      I have been recently to a course about Icons.And indeed that professor(from Athens)said that the romanian icons-the traditional-especially the glass icons-are very different,and specific.Are also very joyful.And with vivid colours,as you have observed.They are "folcloric"icons in a way.becouse  of course that we also have pure byzantine icons,that resemble with the greek and russian ones.
      I am sorry I cannot asnwer for sure about the holliness of Adam and Eve.Anyway-about the icon with Adam and Eve.What can I say is that in the folkloric romanian tradition,as in a lot of folcloric traditions,some subject are expressed a little bit different as in the official doctrine of the religion.So -it may be just an representation -with the form of an icon-of Adam and Eve.Romanian traditional artists,peasants-have a lot of customs that even combine some non-christian ideas-like in many holidays-with christian subject.Or they reinterpret(but only in an artistical way,they are simple people)some biblical subjects.
      Anyway,you posed some interesting ideas.God bless!
  • Dear ophadece,

    There are certainly references in the hymns of the Church to the salvation of Adam and Eve. As for their sainthood, I am not so sure--but I guess it depends how you intend the term 'saint.' If you mean one who is glorified in heaven (and this sense, everyone who enters the kingdom of heaven is a saint) then yes, Adam and Eve are certainly saints. On this point I ask you to consider our Church's iconographical depiction of Christ's descent into hades, according to which both Adam and Eve are depicted with halos around their head.
  • [quote author=Elena link=topic=6040.msg80517#msg80517 date=1198191586]Romanian traditional artists,peasants-have a lot of customs that even combine some non-christian ideas-like in many holidays-with christian subject.Or they reinterpret(but only in an artistical way,they are simple people)some biblical subjects.

    Coptic Icons likewise adopt symbols of the ancient Egyptian, pharaonic heritage. This is one of the riches of the Orthodox faith--its ability to speak divine truths to the world through the world's language (though the Church is struggling to do so in the present as effectively as she did in the past--partially our fault, and partially because moden day cultures are not as adaptable as past cultures were, for a number of complex reasons).
  • Dear Iqbal,
    Thank you for clearing this up. You are right of course about them being saved and rescued out of hades, which as you said would show them as saints having turned the corner with this hard life. Please tell us more what you meant that it is our fault that the church is not so capable of speaking the world's language these days. I really like your comments, so would you please elaborate?
    Dear Elena,
    Thanks for your reply to me. I am going to read the introduction section and see what you wrote there. Always nice to learn new things from you about the Romanian culture. I hope as well, that you feel alright with your college and with your studies now.
    God bless you all and pray for us a lot
  •   May God bless your days and I wish you all a beautiful,miraculous Christmas!May the Birth of Christ bring you joy and peace!
      I give you a site where you can find religious beautiful romanian carols.It worths to listen,really.Hope you enjoy them.A choir named Madrigal plays the carols.I love very much the coptic religious music so in a way I want to share with you the music played in Romania.


    Maybe some of you want to find more about music,literature,or anything religious and not only about Romania.Tell me and as much as I will know I will share with you.
    Have blessed thought and hearts!May God help you in everything!
  • Dear Elena,
    May you have had a very nice Christmas as well full of blessings and joy. Let me ask you though, you said you love Coptic music and carols; how and where did you hear them? Did you make any research or thesis on the different types of churchly music whether Eastern Orthodox, or Coptic?
    God bless you and pray for us a lot
  • Hello to all! Ophadece,for your question about the orthodox music-coptic and romanian.I have listened on different sites coptic music.And I think it has a special tonality,of course specific to the region-Egypt.What can I say,I didn't make a research on this subject.Usually in the orthodox romanian church we listen to byzantine music-that I am sure you are familiar with.It has a greek descendance.
      Look here- http://www.crestinortodox.ro/Florilegiu_Bizantin-sa63.html
      You will find some music from a romanian monastery.
        I have read that coptic music uses some percussion instruments that are not used in any other orthodox liturgies.And I find this very interesting.
      Byzantine music ,as coptic music,armenian music-so different rites,is using as form of expression-hymns.Of course these styles are different,I didn't have until now the curiosity to study the differences.But I am sure all have their beauty,I mean I like very much to discover the diversity of expressions of the same faith,for me it is a very interesting thing.
    Anyway-there are armenian,coptic,russian,byzantine and syrian -as far as I have read-different styles of religious orthodox traditional music.The russian one is developed from byzantine.I will study the subject.Do you know,and could tell me,Ophadece,some sites or places where I can find more about coptic music?I know the coptichymns site.Anyway maybe you know more.
      God bless!
  • Dear Elena,
    Thank you very much for your post. I haven't got a chance to look at the website yet, but I will give you some, if not all the Coptic music websites (obviously other members may help you with that even more than I can do).
    So now you know that tasbeha.org (this very website) has got a section called "media/hymns - and there is a subsection of liturgies, and Christian songs as well". And you also know about coptichymns.net - there is also a number of other websites; you can check them all out and give me your opinion:
    Please have a look at these, and tell me what you think.
    God bless you and pray for us a lot
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