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Hey guys, I have a problem thats been going on for quiet a while now and I really need some help. You see, I'm the youngest of my friends but ever since we were friends, I have always been the one to give advice, it could be about anything, I always seem to fin the words to say someway somehow and after I say them I forget what I said or how I was able to create such words and acually put them together. No matter what advice I ever gave was always from the Bible even if no verses were involved, I always found ways to connect the advice through God....Now my best friend, has come to me with a problem that I just can't seem to solve and she's completely relying on me to help her get through, for the first time ever, I have nothing to say....I wanna kno wut some of you guys think I should do....'(???confoosed???)[flash=200,200][/flash]


  • can u give us an idea about the situation...

  • ok...lolx, here goes, guy likes girl, girl doesnt like boy bcuz shes scared that boy will make her drift away from God, boy really really likes girl, how does girl tell boy that she just wants to be friends without letting boy know that she likes him.....r u confoosed yet? lolx
  • wow, good luck with that...
    all i know is guys arnt as tough as they appear so be gentle, but, that doesnt really help the situation, im sorry.
  • noooo, dont worri bout it, i guess i just have to pray a little more....I gotta finish 1 corinthians, i swear the answer is in there, or atleast lets hope so, lolx
  • well i don't know how old your friend and the boy are, but from the sound of it, they sound like their still teens. have your friend explain to the boy that she's not ready for a relationship, and she wants to spend her life with/for God right now. That the truth...just tell it how it is. A few words i remember hearing in the past were:

    • I'm not ready for this boyfriend/girlfriend thing.
    • I wanna spend my life with God right now, and i just wanna worry about him until He takes me to the next step.
    and stuff of that sort. The guy will understand. At first he'll still tell her he likes her more and stuff like that, but THEY'RE JUST WORDS!!!. I know so many friends that are girls that this happened with, and the guy would ALWAYS say "i'm gonna wait for you until your ready no matter how long it takes," and a week later, you'll find him going out with some other girl, but does his best to make sure the first one doesn't find out lol. They're just words...realize that, and things will go a lot better. Just let her tell him everything as it is. She doesn't have to say "i don't like you!" cus that hurts lol, but she gotta let him know that she's not ready yet...hope this helped, and Rabina ma3ki.

    [coptic]Qen Pi,rictoc[/coptic]
  • When you come to thiunk of it, it is good that that gurl actually cares, I know lots of people who know God, serve in the Church but when it comes to warning them they respond: "WHAT!! I'll never drift from God, NEVER EVER" and when the axe slits the throat they decide tokeep in secret complicating the issue even more, and drifting from God even more..

    Well, I think she should go to that boy tell him: "I think it's rather to early to have a love relationship yet let's just be friends for now"

    I'm not very good at this so forgive me if that sentence is not realisticly correct.

  • guys i completely get what ur saying (by the way this is sweetnsylver) but i mean the boy doesnt admitt that he likes her, he just keeps showing her emotions that he doez, u get me? like his actions show that he likes her, its not like he asked her out, she just wants to show him that she thinx of him as a brother w/o letting him kno that she knows he likes her (btw guys I'm not just saying "my friend" needs the advice, its really for her not me, shes protestant and i understand how our church feels about them, but this girl is truly in love w/christ and she wants nothing to do with guys right now...kinda like me)

    sum1 asked how old i was....i'm almost 16 in nov, my friend is 16, and the boy is 15.... :-\
  • well my friend, bein a guy my self, though almost 16 (:P im older than u) the only way i recon the guy will drop this case is if ur friend is frim, but not too firm cause guys arnt really as tough as they look, but if this dude doesnt keep insisting, then i think u shpuld let it past, as the guy will mature and get ova it, but if he keeps pushing, them be firm, not in that way that u gals can be that makes it look like u like the guy, in a serious way...
    but wat do i know, God will help u out.
    ps where r u from??
  • lolx, jersey, bergen church and u obviously seem to know a lot...lolx....ur advice seems to help, not just for me but a lot of ppl on this site too, GOD bless u mann, and good luck with those exams....let me kno where ur from ;)
  • the land of the kangaroo,
    AKA australia,
    thnx imensly, i have 2 examz left but im sure with all ur prayers they'll go by with grace...
    and i really dont know much, but thanx for sayin it ;)
    God bless you, im not just sayin it, cause i think its become a very casual term, i mean it. :)
  • wow, flute teacher was australian and i used to luv istening 2 him talk, the accent is so amusing to me.....and i mean it too, for a person who is my age....and a lil older lolx...u have pretty strong beliefs and views, thats awesome ;) i hope someday i can give advice lyk that and try to keep the peace as u do lolx, u dude ;D
  • i must say i do have the accent, but to be honest, american accent to me is so funny to me, i love it, we make fun of it all the time, especially the way u guys spell "mum", " mom",

    lol thnx,
    just eat ur vegetables and we'll see wat hapns, na i joke, thnx for ur kind words, but i dont deserve it.
  • U R SO HUMBLE! lolx, omg thats so kewl, and ur only 15 almost 16....thats awesome, u and iqbal should write a book 2gether about the christian life, lolx u seriously would change lives, thas so kewl, God Bless ya .....and we jerzey-ners do have a funny accent, we cut all the words in half, lolx.....instead of how are you, u just go into a room and say wassup....i dont talk lyk that tho, i just type it cuz its ezier, lolx :P
  • lol...yeh our accents are like that, nice and easy like.. trust me im far from humble, ibqals the one 4 that job, ur the one gifted in writing, u should write the book, add some poems about god...
    wat u think??
  • lolx...absolutely, xept ur def. gonna be sharing ur faith, you sure have plenty of it...thank Jesus! lolx...u have a goodnight :P.....and remember "The horse is prepared for battle, but the Lord gives deliverance" (proverbs 21:31) ;D
  • gud nite,
    wow awsome quote!!!!!!!!
    ur really smart u know that??
    i hope u dream of the saints...
  • Wow, I'm so not smart, and I wish I knew half the things or even a lil pinch of the things that some ppl my age and younger knew....but thanx anyway....i just live by this verse "whomever gurads the mouth and tongue, keeps his soul forever"(proverbs 21:23)

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • well you guys are doing a really great job staying on topic, lol, anyway, um..i'm not sure if the problem is already resolved with your friend or not, but the situation sounds pretty familiar to me. I mean i've seen it happen many times, and the girl just has to keep pretending she doesn't know for a while, but if she notices the guy trying to get closer and closer, then she has to back up!! A guy doesn't like a girl for no reason (most of the time), its usually because of the way the girl acts around him, or simply because she treats him like a good friend, and he interprets it differently. she needs to avoid him for a while...not for her sake, but for his, because his feelings for her will decrease if he hasn't talked to her (via internet/phone/or in person). anyway i hope any of that makes sense, cus it doesn't really make sense to me lol, but good luck to u and your friend.

    In Christ..

    Ps. wassup bergener..i'm from west side lol...just wanted to share
  • Hello westsider ;), lolx....i get wut ur saying, in order for his feelings to decrease as she wants them to....she has to sorta lay back on all connections, right?

    I think I saw u b4....were u @ the philly Bible competition? and if u were there wee u wearing a blue shirt w/black pants? I'm sorry i have good memory wen it comes 2 ppl, lolx...!

  • I just wanted to say thank u to all the people who posted on this thing (still dunno wut u call it) cuz i acually told my friend about the advice and decided to keep her space and God seemed to have worked on this problem and everything is back to normal, so thank u ;) and now that its solved i think i'm gonna lock this thingy, wut do u guys think?

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • That won't work forever, it works for only so long. Trust me, I've had experience. You need to make clear what your intentions are in the same way that you're recieving these messages from the guy. That way no one will end up getting hurt. Hopefully, if ever in this situation again, you'll know what to do. God be with you.


    God bless
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