Baba Kerolos with the lion

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Hey everyone, i found an image of baba Kerolos with a lion and i forgot the story, can someone tell me this story plz. thank you.


  • not to sure of the story
    but i kno which piccutre ur talkin about
    from what i remember hearing (dontkno if its correct tho) thta that pic hsa something to do w/ his death
  • no, it actually had nothing to do with his death.  nice guess though.  :)

    as far as i have been raised the story has been that the emperor of ethiopia was to be visited by pope Kyrillos.  in the pic, there is a lion and Pope Kyrillos.
    now this emperor was very selfish and didn't really care about the people of ethipia, he would take the money he was supposed to us on the country and used it for his own pleasures.

    well, anyways, he had a garden that was open to the public and he had a "pet" lion and it would eat people often.  i think that was why pope Kyrillos was visiting him, to tell him his concern of how cruel this is.
    the amazing thing about the pic. is that when pope Kyrillos was on his way to the emperor he was passing through the garden and the lion didn't even attack him, which was a miricle.

    that is just what i have been told when i was younger, and that is what i remember of it.
    hope it helps, and if i am wrong, please correct me.  :)
  • Well.. The story that I Know and I heard a again a few
    weeks ago from H.H. Pope Shenouda is the following:

    As we know he was very good friend of Imperator Hailie Selassie..
    Selassie had some Lions as pets as be Agios said.. He was holding
    them in his garden.. H.H. was just passing by 'nd someone took a pic...
    So it has nothing to do with a miracle..
  • be agios, i belive you are correct. That's what i used to hear too. That it used to eat people, and it didn't even come near popekyrillos

  • As well as that miracle, people say that he is the lion that came out of the monastery of El-Baramous.
    May his prayers and supplications be with you all.
    Pray 4 me ---- Did u know that I was named after Baba Kirolos VI!!! It is such a blessing!!!
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