Khaberny Ya Yohanna

Hey everyone, First of all happy thanksgiving to everyone!

I just wanted to ask if anyone had this song in English letter but the Arabic language! it would really be great, because I want to say it this sunday but my lead deacon isnt here so i have to put some arabic into communion but i can't read hahah so yea thanks in advance and God bless!


  • The English Lyric

    ( Khaberny Ya Youhanna خبرني يا يوحنا)

    O Tell Me John

    1- O tell me John, O tell me, about His radiant face,

    And how you were so lucky, on His chest your head laid?

    Please answer me and tell me, John answered me and said: (2)

    He called me the beloved, In His eyes I found grace,

    He said Mary is your mother, I took her to my place.

    His Heart is throbbing throbbing, with love for human race. (2)

    2- Dear Peter please tell me, about the rock of faith,

    And how you were appointed, a pillar in His Church?

    Please answer me and tell me, Peter answered and said: (2)

    Despite all my denials, His Love for me was great,

    And while I was so bitter, my sins He did erase.

    His heart is so forgiving, for sinners everywhere. (2)

    3- Can you Andrew please tell me, how five small loaves of bread,

    And two fish be sufficient, over five thousand fed?

    Please answer me and tell me, Andrew answered and said: (2)

    It's not really any figure, that means anything to THE LORD,

    His prayer to THE FATHER, on a lunch willingly brought,

    A boy with cheer donated, this I never have thought. (2)

    4- And you Thomas how did you, doubt that He is raised,

    When you were not believing, He appeared for your sake?

    Please answer me and tell me, Thomas answered and said: (2)

    I saw with my own eyes, the piercing of the nails,

    The wound between His ribs, were blood and water flowed.

    All His wounds and sufferings, opened the Heaven's gates. (2)

    5- And you Saul please tell me, How you accepted faith?

    You became the good example, of service everywhere

    Please answer me and tell me, St. Paul answered and said: (2)

    I persecuted Church, and was against my Lord,

    His Holy Spirit sought me, and I could hear His word.

    His love is so enduring, He died for the whole world. (2)

    6- All you my Lord's disciples, tell me more and more,

    How when you were in trouble, of you he took good care?

    All the disciples answered, we can never explain; (2)

    The life that is awaiting, those who trust in His Name,

    So joyful and so peaceful, there is no worry or pain.

    Our life is all for JESUS, and death is a real gain. (2)

  • thanks a lot i needed the english too!  but i still have a small problem though lol

    what i meant was does anyone have this song in english letters but In arabic. for example, "Khaberny Ya yohanna..."
  • Khaberny ya Yohanna 3an sadrehi el hanan
    we izay kont bitesned rasak we fe ay makan
    gawebny yalla we olly, rad yohanna we al, rad yohanna we al
    dah sadroh wasa3 wasa3 yesa3y kol el nas
    we alboh nabed nabed koloh mahaba we ihsas
    mish la'iy zay sadroh ateke' 3aleh fe aman, ateke' 3aleh fe aman

    We inta ya Botros khaberny 3an sakhret el eeman
    we izay el rab akamak min a3madet el bonyan
    gawebny yalla we olly, rad botros we al, rad botros we al
    dah akamny fe kinestoh, raghm kol el inkar
    we dameny le 3arostoh fy mahfal el abrar
    mish la'iy zayoh sakhra tisnedny fe kol makan, tisnedny fe kol makan

    Ya Toma ta3ala we olly el shak kayf kan
    we izay khalak to'min lama ra'eyt bel 3yan
    gawebny yalla we olly, rad Toma we al, rad Toma we al
    da garho wadeh wadeh shoft makan el mosmar
    we fe ganboh asar el ta3na min harbet el ghadar
    mish la'iy zay geroohoh tedkholny lel a3mak, tedkholny lel a3mak

    We intom ya kol el ahaba olooly kaman we kaman
    3an yanboo3 el mahaba, we 3an feyd el hanan
    rad el talameez we aloo ma lam yakhtor 3ala bal, ma lam yakhtor 3ala bal
    dee mahaba aweya aweya a'awa hata min el mowt
    we dee 3eysha haneya haneya 3arboon hayat el malakowt
    mish momken ninsa abaden sortoh gowa el bostan, sortoh gowa el bostan

    note: In the arabic version, the paragraphs 3 & 5 posted in english, are not present, i've never heard them in arabic, but if someone has them in arabic i can rewrite them for u in arabic english

    also 3= arabic letter "3ein"  and '= arabic letter hamza, used for the break sound in some words
  • thank you soo much!! this is exactly what i was looking for God Bless!
  • you are welcome :) let me know if u need anything else, God bless u 2
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