kingdom of the devil

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hey, how are you guyz? hope you're all fine.
ok now in pre servants we were talkin about revelations and somehow we got into the discusion about how the kingdom of the devil is VERY strong, they all work together to make us sin and how they have faith that God exists and we dont have that strong of a faith, cuz they know for sure that he exists..i no am not makin any sort of sense here but if the devils have faith in God, how come they wont be accepted bas ehna, the ones that are lost do have the chance?



  • They have faith in God, but they don't want to...[?]
    If i'm not mistaking, the reason the devil fell from heaven , was because he wanted to be greater than God.
    It's not that he didn't have faith in him or didn't believe in him, it's that he wanted to be higher than God, the creator, which is obviously impossible...actually i'm not really sure. :/
  • well yea an angel should be stronger than a human, so when it sins, it is unacceptable, especially wanting to be greater than the pantocrator, we were created in a way where we are not as strong as the angels, so when we sinned, God gave His Only Begotten that through His cross we are saved. So we are not expected to be like the angels, so we have confession and remssion of sins.
  • The devil is extremely strong and they know for a fact God exists and even they are forced to worship him and cannot do anything without His permission ex. Job the Righteous. They had their period of being tested and the devil and his followers chose to "try" and overthrow God and put His throne above God's and that is more or less the war that broke out in heaven that revelations talks about. we are still in a period where we can repent(but the devil couldn't and wouldn't anyway when he did what he did) so that is why we are excepted and second because we were tempted by the devil therefore it was not completely our fault that we sinned, but the devil was not tempted by anyone and knew exactly what he was doing(however stupid it may seem that someone would believe it possible that a creature would overthrow its creator)
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    well yea an angel should be stronger than a human, so when it sins, it is unacceptable,
    It's not only that. Angles are unlimited in knowledge. That means that the devil knew the exact Punishment for doing somthing like that so he can't appologise as he has no excuse.
  • It is in the very nature of the Devil's sin of pride that his downfall - and our own - lies.

    The Devil knew that the heart of man (and woman) was full of pride, and so he tempted our first parents, and they fell. So, in each generation, do we. That is why we needed the Incarnation and the saving blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Despite our sin and our wicked ways, we can see how much Our Heavenly Father loves us, and even though mankind crucified the blessed Saviour, He turned that evil into good - as, if we will let Him, He can turn our evil into good.

    But the first trick of the Devil is to convince mankind that he does not exist. We know from the teaching of the Church that he does; even if we did not have that, we would know from our own lives and experience that evil is real.

    May Our Lord Jesus Christ bless us and keep us,

    In Him,

  • You're right. It's remarkable with all the fuss about whether there is a God or not, the Devil doesn't even score a mention.
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