Tasbeha, My Parents won't let me go because it's too late? What should I do?

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Hey Guys.

I have a BIG problem, I deperately want to go to Tasbeha on Saturday nights, but my parent will NOT allow it. I rili do not know what to do, I tell them that i can get a ride from my friends home, but they don't like the fact that i will be coming late from church. It's church and it's tasbeha, i mean since tasbeha came into my life, i felt so filled, that God filled that empty space in my heart. but i dun no what to do. PLease help...

God Bless


  • Maybe u should try and take them to Tasbeha some time, perhaps they will feel as excited about it as u do, and can take u with them. I'm sure there won't be a problem with u going church late, if they are with u.
    Perhaps u could also talk to ur Priest about this, and he could talk to ur parents. My experience is that parents just need a relialbe person to convince them of such matters ;)
  • hey should sooo talk to them and tell how much u love tasbeha and that they shouldnt worry wen u at church coz u r doin it 4 the wil of God ..i think
    and tell em u r filled and that u wnna be in the hands of tha church wen u need it and that u want ur 'empty space' fulll .......yeh and keep talkin
    and take em wid u and tell em its the best thing that ever happened to u and that its a blessing and blablabla say watevas in ur heart...
    ok i hope thats help???
  • Why dont you organise a tasbeha (ask your priest) for youth like yourself who cant go that late at night..and get your friends to come along
  • The Problem is that my parents are not so into going to it., maybe i could ask abouna, if we could make an earlier one, but it means so much more at night. I attended 2 so far with church conventions. and it was amazing. It's not that they dont trust me they do, it's just they think of so many crzy situations, like wat if the car breaks down in the middle of the night? things like that. But i am praying that they let me go.

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