St Anthony's Monastary Kiahk Praise

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Hello everyone, a few years ago st anthony's monastary sent out a kiahk praise cd, mostly in arabic, however i accidently lost mine lol.  Does anyone know where that cd is online? or has it and can upload it or something? thanx alot in advanced.


  • does anyone know how i can get these cds?
  • i think u just have to be added to their mailing list and they send u this stuff and like movies and magazines, im not sure how exactly, ask your priest or try to get in contact with the monastery through email or something. 
  • You might want to go to their website which i can't remember at the moment and add yourself to the mailing list from there.
  • heres the link with the phone number and some other information to add you to the mailing list

    now does anyone  know where i can download that cd? lol
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