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Hey guys i know there are many threads out there about this but I really need your guys prayers and i believe that even any small prayers you guys do will help. Thanks in advance

God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness,


  • Pray for me, also- especially in my faith in God and prayer!

    I will pray for you also, though as I am not righteous it will not avail much.
  • Do not doubt the power of prayer if i didn't believe in the power of prayer i would not be posting this, no matter who it comes from if it is from the heart God will hear it, you are in my prayers also
  • The prayers of the Theotocos, the Virgin and all the Martyrs and Saints be with you. May the Lord Our God Jesus Christ be with you jydeacon, The Pantocrator knows your name and you are inscribed in the palm of His hand.
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