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          Hello there!My name is Elena.I live in Romania,Bucharest.I am very interested in the life of christians in Egypt and in other countries in Africa.(like Maroc,Tunisia etc)I would like to find out more about the coptic ,the ethiopian churches and in general about the oriental christian churches.(i hope i have expressed well).I was impressed in general by the hyms,prayers I have listened on the net./this site/other sites.I would like to share thins like this-prayers,to talk about different lifestyles from my country and from other countries.Good days to everyone,blessed and beautiful thoughts


  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    Welcome to the site Elena.  I hope you find it insightful.  Feel free to post any questions you have.  I'm sure everyone here will be more than happy to help in anyway possible.
  • welcome to this site!! it's our pleasure to have u with us..

    I would like to share thins like this-prayers,to talk about different lifestyles from my country and from other countries

    i really would like u to share this with us.. ;)
  •     Thank you for the words you have said to greet me.
        First of all I want to say that today it was a very important spiritual event in Romania-the enthronement of the Patriarch Daniel,the new spiritual Father of all christian orthodox romanians.He is the youngest Patriarch Romania ever had,and I think the youngest of all the Patriarchs  of all Orthodox Churches.He is 56 years old,he is very wise and really devoted to the Church.At the ceremony were hierarchics and bishops from all the orthodox countries and I heard also a message from the Patriarch Patros of Alexandria and all Africa.It was in greek as I remember.I think he received a gift from your Patriarch- an icon with St.Paul and St.Peter-that are very important in Africa-I think they are spiritual patrons in Africa-if I am wrong,pleas correct me.
      I will say a few words about how are christianity and the church
    perceived in Romania.So the Orthodox Church-in the surveys-is the most credible institution in the state.After it comes the army,then mass-media etc.Romanians trust very much in the power of the church-this is theoretical-like I said-it is shown in surveys.Practical,it is not the same.Youths are less attracted to the church,to the liturgy.Lots of them just think that they can pray at home and that it is not very important to come effectively to the church,to speak with a priest.But there are young people that come,and you can be impressed of their devotion and sincerity.
      There are a lot of churches and monasteries in Romania.After the fall of the comunist regime,there were built lots of new churches and monasteries and the monastic life developed like it had never did before.
      As representative for the dogmatic and teological writers-maybe you have heard of Dumitru Staniloae.It is one of the best in the domain-and the most well-known abroad.
      Romanians will still believe in the power of prayer,even if we are from a year members of the European Union and -of course-we will develop ways of life more secularised.
      I would like if somebody can tell me more about faith,church in Egypt,or other countries in Africa.I have told you for the begining some things-so I am waiting now for you to tell me the same.I know that you live and share the same country with muslims-and probably this affects in a way or another some aspects of the social life of christians.I have been recently to Tunisia-it is such a beautiful country,with so pleasant and friendly people-the muslims-but sadly I know that it is an exception in the arabian countries-it is the most modern one...I guess muslims are not so friendly everywhere in Africa.Maybe I am wrong,and you could tell me good aspects.
      So now I hope to share more things about our countries and our thoughts.Thank you for attention.Have a blessed week!
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