The hardest question eva!!!

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I get asked or my mum actually at her work gets asked this all the time, "If GOd is love why does he let people suffer and sometimes little babies die". Help! how do i answer this question.


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    I get asked or my mum actually at her work gets asked this all the time, "If GOd is love why does he let people suffer and sometimes little babies die". Help! how do i answer this question.

    this goes back to how God lets bad things happnd. one main reason is that all have free will which effects all. God does what's good for the person even thoo it's not good in his own eyes.

    another reason is that without suffering, most of the ppl would know or believe or even stay with God. when is the most time u need God, when u have problems.

    as for little baby.....who knows what baby will be latter in life. may be they'll be criminals...who knows...God only know and does what's good.

    actually a story i just heard:
    A lady had one girl. the lady was a very close to God. the girl got really sick and was about to die, in a young age. the lady prayed to God with all her heart to not let her die....she' all what she had.
    so the girl didn't die.....latter, she had the worst life ever...became into many bad u think, wouldn't it been better for her to die as it was set and to go to heaven?!!!
  • Just to add to what mina said,
    God never has anything to do with evil that happens.. Yes He allows for it.. but He is never responsible for it. Sometimes what might seem bad is actually within Gods plan for us and will end up better in the long run.. but in my perspective, that doesn't really go further than failing an exam or something.. God does have a plan for us, for everyone of us.. He set out a path for us to follow in our lives.. but it is our choice whether we follow it or not. The only way that God will make things happen so we follow His plan is if we pray "Let Your Will  be done".

    Now as for things that are controled by people, eg, terrorist attacks.. God Doesn't have anything to do with that. God gave every human free will, and if a person wants to kill a million people, God won't stop them!! You have to understand that! God gave us alll free will.. He doesn't take it away once we decide to do something bad with it.. I mean, imagine that.. no one would have free will! So God gives everyone the same opportunity, He has to be fair.

    In conclusion, God does not have anything to do with the evil that happens in the world.. that has to do with the evil side of the spectrum.. the devil and his followers.
  • Hizz-Child is absolutely correct.

    We need to get some things clear. God gives us free will, and he does not control this world like some puppet master. I don't know why bad things happen, any more than I know why good things do. What I do know is that it is how we react to these things that matters.

    If, when good things happen to us we get arrogant and uncaring, that is actually a bad thing; if when bad things happen, we become open to the sufferings of others and care for them, that can be a good thing for our souls.

    We are Christians - what's so bad about dying? Do we want to be in this vale of tears forever? We have His assurance that in Him is life eternal; don't we trust Him or something?

    The one man who has been without sin was scourged and crucified - was that fair? But if He had not accepted that for us, where would we be? So let us, in humility, accept that His ways are not our ways and we should accept what He sends, knowing He knows best.

    In Christ,

  • There is no one that knows what someone is going to grow up into except for God. So we must trust His facts.
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